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Eve Whitefeather - (anibellereese.resident) - Hafa Pack Beta & resident artist/musician Empty Eve Whitefeather - (anibellereese.resident) - Hafa Pack Beta & resident artist/musician

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[Avatar name:]
   Eve (anibellereese.resident)

[Character name:]
   Eve (or Evie)

[Character age:]


[Character race:]

   Wolf Shifter (or Skinwalker)

[Character's high concept:]

   Hafa Pack Beta & resident artist/musician

[Character's trouble(s):]
(1 - SupChars, 1-3 - Extended)

1. Eve has spent many years existing solely as a wolf. She is now in the last couple months embracing existence as a human once again, re-emerging herself into lost passions and coming to terms with modern realities.

2. Her twin brother, Adam, is having difficulties with his sister joining a pack and creating a separate bond outside of the one they share. They have been on their own and pack-less since they were teenagers in a bit of an "us against them" alliance.

3. Newly mated, she is struggling with the very sudden impact of "imprinting" and what that means both to her, her partner, and the world around them. Finding herself viciously protective of her mate in a hostile world is creating emotional unbalance.

[Character aspects:]
(3 - SupChars, 5+ - Extended)

"Frenzied Curls" Much like her hair out of dreadlocks, Eve is a powerhouse fighter whether in wolf or human form. She is quick to take lead and go in guns blazing... just without the guns. She is an emotion based fighter and very strong despite her smaller stature. However, she can tap out quickly due to the ferocity of her "rage".

"Psycho Dom Girlfriend" Newly imprinted and mated, Eve is obsessive over Rebecca. Having gone from independent loner with a history of charming pretty girls and leaving in the middle of the night to committed, intense, bound soul mate, Eve is a just a wee bit overprotective and selfish when it comes to her Becca. She is learning how to let go and trust her pack with her mate. The outside world is proving to be a bigger challenge.

"Tracker Jacker" Her heightened senses as a native skinwalker already create a powerful tracker in her being. Her Native American roots provided the basis of deep understanding of the natural world around her. Her Lycan abilities and enhancements make this one of her specialties. After spending a number of years living solely wolf (and losing a touch of humanity in exchange) tracking became a natural part of daily existence.

"Bohemian Vice" Eve likes to let loose. She spends so much time being intense and protective and emotionally chaotic that there is a balanced need to be carefree, relaxed and at peace. The things that provide this relief include (but are not limited to) Sex, Beer, Coffee, Candy & Marijuana. It is rare to not find Eve lounging on her porch in her down time with her blond in her lap, a beer in her hand, and a joint between her lips.

"Animal!" No, I'm not talking about the wolf. I'm talking about the muppet. The crazy drumming Jim Henson Muppet that throws all it's energy into the pounding of drums. From Navajo roots and wardrums to modern day Bohemia rock bands, Evie always has a pair of sticks nearby and some excess energy to sweat out. And you know.. the hair thing too..

"Split Personality" 2 Races. 2 Genders. 2 Personalities. Human and Wolf, Female and Male, Smooth Nurturer and Intense Dom. Eve has a soulful smooth deep voice and in times of bonding past the outer armor can be surprisingly soft and nurturing. This is where her loyalty really lies. In the quieter moments of connection and understanding. At the same time she can be equally intense, commanding and even intimidating. Eve is self confident with high expectations and even a bit of a Superiority Complex. She detests showing weakness of any kind. Like the old Cherokee proverb... there are two wolves inside us all....

"All the feels" Eve is a primal being in many ways beyond the obvious. She values good food, good laughs, and good times. She also spends a lot of time working with her hands. Being an earthy creature activities that are focused around doing and building and creating have always been more natural to her. She's a drummer as mentioned. But she's also a sculptor. Her art comes either from her studio working with clay or larger created pieces based on found refurbished materials like stained glass, barn wood, recycled metals and so on.

[Character's aspirations:]
(1 <chapter centric>- SupChars, 1-3 Extended)

1. To find balance in her life. Between the male and the female, the human and the wolf. Between herself and her twin, between her and her mate.
2. To not only find "Home" but her place within that home.
3. To make music and art and live the bohemian life in all its wonder.

[Character hook:]

   Eve has been called to Bohemia by her imprint with Zash through the dream calling. However, she was not so far away to begin with. Eve and her brother Adam share a compound in Woodstock, NY. After leaving the Manhattan art and music scene years ago, Eve moved north to Woodstock. Most of her time spent in her wolf period took place not far from Bohemia. She had visited the town many times prior for various recreational purposes and knows a few of its artists and musicians from previous visits. After the imprint happened with Rebecca and Zash called her to him, she brought her mate with her to Bohemia and more specifically to Hafa.

[Character's dynamics:]

[Character's skills & specifications:]

[Character's stress & consequence thresholds:]

   Eve is very strong physically and mentally. Physically she possesses a natural boost to strength and energy from her roots. However, she is prone to "tapping out" if she enters any kind of frenzy or rage due to emotional fatigue. She has no special resistance to magics of any kind. As a shifter she does heal quicker than the average human. She is very prone to hiding the severity of her injuries and worries too much about making sure everyone else is alright over her own well being. She also tries to shield severity of her wounds from her mate to ease her stress. Usually after battle (physical or mental) she falls apart and needs extra TLC because she has drained herself trying to seem better off than she actually is. Eve hates showing weakness of any kind.

[Character's background:]

   Eve was born as a twin to a Native American Navajo tribe with deep roots in Wolven/Shifting lore. She and her brother, Adam, were born on a quiet sunny day in September in 1985. At the time, their pack lived on a remote reservation in northern New Mexico kept mostly in secret to the outside world beyond the Navajo Nation. Their mother was a human woman who had fallen in love and enslaved herself to their father, the next in line Chief and Alpha of this small elusive tribe. Until this time the bloodline had always been kept within the small tribe's control. But with this young white woman came something more than just a desperate devotion to a world she was not born to.  At least in terms of this tribe, there had never been a female shifter born. There was much speculation on what had caused this abnormality... was it the evolution of new blood in their line? Was it the inherent traits of twins? Or was something greater at work in the universe? Many of these questions were never answered, Her mother died in childbirth in the midst of that reservation, having given herself to something bigger than she would ever truly know...

   Adam and Eve, appropriately named in the new evolution of shifting bloodline, lived amongst their Navajo tribe for 15 years. They grew up in a heritage-rich home with lore, culture and deep-rooted native values and teaching. The son and daughter of the Chief promised them a life of notoriety and even power among their brethen. Perhaps it was foolish for the twins to dream of a life devoted to their people and their tribe not only as pack-mates but as leaders within the bloodline. It was that female shifter part that cast a shadow over childhood dreams. It had been unheard of. When she was a child Eve was studied with intense intrigue. But just as a celebrity child knows no difference from constant cameras, the little blond feral girl thought the attention came from her fated greatness. But with this interesting development came other things she was less equipped to handle. Her wolf form was discovered to be male in its anatomy from infancy. This was as natural to the child as anything else about her bumbling pup ways through the wilderness in her childhood but proved far more difficult for little Eve to understand as she grew up and evolved through puberty and into womanhood. She was treated differently by men in general and soon it became clear that praise had given way to scoff for the girl.

   Eve has long since embraced the duality of the feminine and the masculine but struggled with this for most of her young life. The Alpha and Elders of her tribe were positive that she represented something dark. In her youthful cuteness with adorable light curls and pink cheeks it was easier to avoid the perils of what she could represent. A change of times. The coming of a new era. The end of their ways. As youth gave way to womanhood things began to change. They blamed the white woman who had breached a lineage dating back countless generations. In the Navajo tradition, at the age of 15, you are officially and ceremonially made a true heart of the pack within the tribe itself. But Eve had violated in her very existence what they were made of and they were scared of what she would become and what unknown pale-faced traits had altered her genetic composition.  

   And then she was sent away. There was much discussion about Adam but ultimately they shared too many links as twins and the infection was deemed fated to both of them. The teenage twins became orphans of the state of New Mexico and forced to enter a modernized world they had very little knowledge of and assimilate.

   After attempting life as a normal American teenager, Eve found public education strange and foreign and quickly became a drop-out statistic. With a bitter heart and cold hatred of the new world around her, Eve easily broke out of the institution they had been assigned and disappeared to the east coast. Adam stayed and assimilated and thus the sever of their initial unity came to be. They remain to this day always close but always far living vastly different lives. Adam is a literal wolf on Wall Street spending his time split between New York, London and Tokyo. He is successful, sharp and cunning. They share a hidden cabin retreat in upstate New York and meet as often as they can to renew their bond and that ever mysterious twin connection.

   Eve has deemed herself alone ever since and has lived many lives in the interim. The little gypsy wandering teen eventually found her way to New York. After being so viciously cast out of a world she thought she belonged to, her bitterness turned inward onto her Lycan half. She attempted a sever with that piece of herself as well. In the east village it was hard to be a wolf. The cast our runaway managed to couch surf her way through a GED and got herself into art school. Art and music were the only things that had ever been constants. Wardrums and rock drums weren't so different if you hit them right.

   Eve tried to form connections to people... friends... lovers...tried it all and never felt any real satisfaction. Maybe it was that half of her being was male or maybe it was the scoffing of the males in her tribe, but either way Eve knew she liked girls from a very young age. She found that she liked to charm them. She liked making them feel special.. beautiful.. wanted. It was psychologically everything she herself needed but was too young to understand that part. It was all bravado though. The connections felt false and forced.

   Eventually she decided she had given too much credence to the human part of her existence and decided to re-investigate life as a wolf. She reasoned maybe it was the human part of her that was broken. The female peril and angst. And thus many years in the woods of upstate New York would follow. In that time she severed all connection from people, technology, her art, her music, all of it. She lived as an animal. She lived on the land she then shared with her brother and shifted only for the most basic necessities, but most of her humanity was diminishing in the time filled with hunting and gathering, protecting and fighting. An animal in all its glory nearly all the time.

   The most important event in Eve's life was meeting Rebecca. She had been reckless and lost and felt, at the time, that the world had abandoned her as much as she had abandoned it. The world as a whole was turning her into a monster without knowledge of doing so. One night, Eve came face to face with another lone wolf. They ended up in a battle over territory. This particular wolf was very large, very powerful, and she believed mystical in some way. He overpowered Eve and wounded her severely, slicing the full expanse of the wolf's throat wide open. She managed to travel the few miles to the closest town in search of aid. But she couldn't answer questions... couldn't deal with people and doctors and lights and security. So instead, she found a vet's office. Eve could hear her inside, moving around, all alone on a graveyard shift. She was caring for puppies and kittens overnight while wealthy parents were on vacation. Eve was never proud of conning and then literally terrifying the girl inside, acting like an abused hurt wild animal before kidnapping her... but it was life and death. But something happened in those painful days. A connection was found to a human being.  Rebecca is soft and beautiful and enchanting. It is impossible to not love her... to not want to protect and care for her. In finding her, Eve was reborn... and in that rebirth Becca is the reason for everything now.
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