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Post by Brianna Silverweb on Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:54 pm

   The pack bond is the main source and manifestation of the pack magic - like the root. For instance The Alpha can funnel the power he draws from the pack and direct it into things like healing wounds or magnifying someone's abilities and power. There is a general pool of primal intuitive magical power - the bond is sort of how it builds, maintains, and flows - and the power and ability that exists within it itself depends somewhat on the abilities and power of the individuals that pool it. It's like a living well of primal energy. Like any other magic, the only limitation to its abilities is the balance of energy.

   The bond communication has two forms - direct and indirect. Direct is, as it sounds, communication that is deliberately shared with another. The more individuals included at a time, the more pack magic is required to successfully communicate. Using magic - even intuitive magic like the pack's, requires energy and a relationship with the magic itself. So the stronger the bond - the less taxing the communication would be. Indirect would be more like a general wave that would connect with anyone that shares the bond within a certain distance - determined by the amount of energy used to send it, and the relationship to the magic. The mate bond is like a super-charged connection in relation to the pack bond itself. So if someone was sending an indirect cry for help while they were weak from far away - it'd be possible for a mate to sense the cry when another packmate was standing right next to them that didn't sense it.

   The definition of an imprint is an intuitive and magical connection that marks and shares a part of each side with the other. It creates a special tether and current of knowledge and understanding between the individuals that share it.  This is unique to the Alpha and their bonded pack, Mates (especially mating that has occurred on the hommid /and/ primal levels), Parents and their children, and some blood relationships like twins.

   Within the spectrum of the pack bond there also lies what is refereed to as a mate bond. This is a far more intimate version of an imprint bond. A mate bond creates a sort of constant open channel. The property of the energy would be more like water - always flowing and pooling. It'll inhabit and form to whatever is available - so a sort of intuitive constant awareness is shared, but it'd be overwhelming static if everything was passing between them on a conscious level at all times. Like all magic this seeks balance and you'd be able to reserve energy by closing off access or opening access to parts of yourself.

   A pack member can draw from the strength of their alpha because of the bond and imprint connection. An alpha can draw from the collective strength of their pack as well as focus energy and share power along the ties of the pack bond. So power can move along the lines of the pack ties created by imprinting; wolves are tied to the alpha (and their mates, and the ones they share a direct imprint with), the alpha tied to the whole pack and to a lesser degree those tied to their wolves through their imprints. For example - as the pack grows, Zash could probably use the power of the pack to give him enough juice to communicate with becca mentally like he does his other wolves. Also, the more imprints an alpha wolf has - the greater their reservoir of power.

   The pack bond is a sort of imprint or impression on the primal self of the wolves as well. That is why it can take place and root before it is well understood - or act in unpredictable ways as it's strength grows. It also can cause an unconscious and mystical connection to others that share the same imprints - like the pack members that are bonded to the Alpha and share the same imprint with them. This can help create a sort of fondness or sense of duty to other pack mates before they may have had a chance to bond on a conscious level. Beyond the primal bonding that occurs, packmates can connect at a more natural speed as they get to know others in the pack. Sometimes this occurs more smoothly or quickly because of the common ground the bond creates- but is not automatically so.

   When kept by the pack, bonding similar to what happens between packmates would depend entirely on their relationship to the pack bond. If they are kept by the pack, but there is no imprint - it's almost like a cherish pet of the pack at large (or maybe a foster kid would be a better example). They are the pack's responsibility and the pack bond would create a sense of duty that surrounded the general wellbeing of the Kept - but they would not share in the pack bond without an imprint. If a Kept is linked to the pack bond through an imprint it would depend on how the ties that threaded them to the bond progressed. The more they give in to the bond and engage in it and participate in it - the stronger it becomes. So, the more they accept and practice, the faster and stronger the affects will be

   The Alpha has the ability to share images, though they are more like intuitive impressions, not express images. This is strengthened by his training and his bloodline, but images passed through the general pack bond would be too fuzzy and degraded to be clear to the other's mind. The imprints create a line of cords between pack members. There is a stronger, clearer connection between those connected on the lines of the cords. The pack bond is like a more collective connection that is shared by those that have a cord connected somewhere in the pack, but it's more intuitive and general. Like wired bandwidth vs wifi.  but even through an imprint they would be able to pass more impressions than direct images and they'd have to really practice or focus for that. It'd take Siedr training to learn how to use the vision magic that Zash uses along with his alpha powers to see what someone else has seen.

   Those in the pack will have a stronger intuition for each other, sort of how twins can sense things about their sibling without being told if they pay attention, but the ability to act on it comes from being close to them, which is a conscious choice and something that is actively maintained. The imprint between the Alpha and his pack allows him to do much of the same, just with more strength. It is more accurate and to the point where he can sense things deep within someone. Also the imprint is an exchange that would give him insight into parts of someone that they hadn't expressly told him.

   Communication between those within the pack, between mates, imprints, and packmates depends wholly on how the pack magic flows through the bonds created by the imprints. The humans connected to the pack by mate bonding or by imprinting - with practice -should be able to communicate freely along the imprint shared with their mate, family, or parents. The human's ability to communicate beyond their direct attachment and into the pack would be dependent on the strength of the pack bond their mate, family, or parents had. The magic travels through the lines of imprint like a mystical system of telephone. So with enough practice - and assuming the mate, family, or parent have a strong and vibrant connection with the pack - humans could communicate with each other - or share power...but it would travel through the lines of imprint.
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