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Lucretia - (akito.keppel) - Youngest Ulfrn of Hafa wolf pack Empty Lucretia - (akito.keppel) - Youngest Ulfrn of Hafa wolf pack

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[Avatar name:]

   Akito Keppel

[Character name:]


[Character age:]

   14 years old but acts much younger

[Character race:]

   Primal Wolf Shifter

[Character's high concept:]

   Youngest Ulfrn of Hafa wolf pack
[Character's trouble(s):]
(1 - SupChars, 1-3 - Extended)

   Luc came to love the forest and came to think of it as safe and stable during her time alone with her wolf form caring for her. The forest was all she had come to know. Then, in a terribly traumatic event, danger came and there was nothing she could do but cry like a scared child, calling for her mommy and daddy! She felt vulnerable, and learned that the woods were not always as safe as she had trusted. Luc has learned that the forest has its own evil inside it and it scares her. Causing her to fear that there is no safety in either form. A hard life and no one to learn from has done more good than bad for Luc. Her shifting is uncontrollable and painful during the full moon and unlike most werewolves her human side has become her dormant side, making it so her primary form is a wolf and the moon brings about her human side. She wants to have more freedom to enjoy the subtleties of her human self, but doesn't get the chance to choose.

[Character aspects:]
(3 - SupChars, 5+ - Extended)

"Curiosity Killed The...Wolf" - Being alone and a wolf most of her life, animal instincts have extensively taken over within her. Lacking proper upbringing though, boundaries were never a thing that was taught to her. Placed in a situation where she is surrounded by more of her kind and all new experiences, her curious nature often times can get her into trouble.

"Eager to Belong" - She is loving and eager to please. She'll work hard and do whatever it takes to feel like she belongs. However, without the upbringing to know the difference, her affections can come on a bit strong at times. Like chocolate cake or fresh-baked cookies, too much sweetness can make people sick.

"Wild Child" - Without an authority figure growing up, Luc has trouble listening to the adults around her. She is prone to doing as she pleases, when she pleases, with very few exceptions. She is high spirited, somewhat reckless, and spontaneous. She is prone to doing things that later on she may regret.

"Fragile and Fearful" - All werewolves transform or shift, but most move from a weaker human to their wolf counterpart. Being far more used to being a strong and powerful wolf, Luc's transitions are especially hard on her. As a human, she is like a fragile doll, never having time or a want to really focus on her human self, until recently. Her wolf is her security blanket, her home without a home. When wolf, she is most comfortable. If scared while human, she is liable to shift back into her wolf form.

"Easily Traumatized" - Living on her own has hindered much of her mentality. Coping is a hard concept for her to understand. When her familiar ideas about the world around her are violated or she is put in a state of extreme confusion and insecurity, it can easily leave her scarred or shaken, impacting her psyche heavily.

[Character's aspirations:]
(1 <chapter centric>- SupChars, 1-3 Extended)

1. To learn to control her shifting without help from others.
2. To prove her worth in the pack.
3. To experience "normal" things that girls her age would do.
4. To find a real home that will not toss her to the side when something more comes along and that is truly loving and cares about her.

[Character hook:]

   Zash is her connection into Bohemia. Being the first and youngest to be called to the Hafa wolf pack, she is especially attached to him, as her konungr, and has been known to follow him around. She can often be seen shadowing him around when and where she can.

[Character's dynamics:]

[Character's skills & specifications:]

[Character's stress & consequence thresholds:]

   Her stress thresholds are far lower than average. She stress over many things since she is so young and still learning many things. Mentally, she can be easily bogged down. In some instances, she can be so overcome with fear that she can no longer think straight. Physically, she is quick to fatigue and tends to be easily hurt.

[Character's background:]

   Lucrecia or Luc for short, was like any other young girl loved by her family until she was told she was to have a sibling. She was happy, but thought they live in a small home, there was no room for the newborn. So Luc's parents decided it would be best to have her live with her grandparents up in the mountains. Luc's parents promised to visit her and once they got a bigger house they would come back to get her. She smiled and nodded her head, accepting this. She was 5 years old when they told her that.... A few years passed and still no word from her parents. Even her grandparents didn't speak of them much as it made them moody. She enjoyed living with them and was very helpful around the house.

   At the age of 8, her life as she knew it was about to change forever. One day, as she was doing her chores to collect firewood she was bitten by a strange dog-like creature on her left shoulder. The creature disappeared after the attack and her eyes widen as tears and blood fell. The transformation happened instantly not knowing what to do, being so young she ran home in her new form, but as she returned, so did her parents and her little sister, now 3, to give news of the house they just bought. They were coming to get Lucrecia after all this time, but all her family was shocked and scared to see a beast covered in blood before their very eyes. Luc tried to speak but they couldn't understand her, she steps closer until her own father swung at her to protect his wife and child. She tries to speak again, but all that comes out were barks, growls, and grunts...then suddenly her grandfather came out with a rifle, shooting at her. Luckily, the bullet misses her but she could smell the gun powder. Luc's family could only see the wolf covered in blood that she had become. With tears in her eyes, she ran away from her home, never to return. Being so young and not knowing how to control herself, the beast took over from inside so she could survive.

   After a couple of days, news reports went out about a wolf attack killing a young girl. All that was found in the woods was blood and rip up clothes belonging to Lucrecia. A warning followed telling people to stay safe and if they spotted any wild animals to call the animal service. Luc however, did not know of this, since she steered clear of all humans and human places, letting the wolf control her.

   As she grew the wolf just simply became part of she was. When she did turn human, she still thought of herself as a beast and a monster that no one ever wanted. So, she remained hidden until she shifted back to a wolf again. At the age of 14, on one rainy day as she seek shelter and finally rested she had the strangest dream. Once awake, she got up to find the wolf in the dream, since it felt so real, this home and someone that would love her for what she was.
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