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Brianna Silverweb nee. Leigh - (Brinlee.Resident) - Lost Pure Blood Witch Heir  Empty Brianna Silverweb nee. Leigh - (Brinlee.Resident) - Lost Pure Blood Witch Heir

Post by Brianna Silverweb on Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:15 pm

[Avatar name:]

[Character name:]
  Brianna Silverweb

[Character age:]

[Character race:]

  Main line earth witch - Specialty: Fauna

[Character's high concept:]
  Lost Pure Blood Witch Heir

[Character's trouble(s):]
(1 - SupChars, 1-3 - Extended)

  Being the half of an identical twin pairing that survived has had less than favorable repercussions on Brianna. With her other half essentially taken from her, she is fated to struggle with maintaining any sort of balance with her magic. Subconsciously, she will always be looking for her equal. Reanna, a family friend is obsessively tracking Brianna, laying in wait for a chance to return things to a balance by killing her. Self doubt and thinking little of herself seems to come with the territory of feeling like something within you is missing.  

[Character aspects:]
(3 - SupChars, 5+ - Extended)

"Extreme Caregiver" - By nature, Bri is more willing to put other’s needs above her own. She will, without hesitation, put others before herself no matter who it is. If someone needs help she doesn’t see appearances, fronts, rumors, and even personal opinions about the person, all she sees is that she is needed. Her need to care for others knows no bounds. This almost obsessive nature is not all good though. She will willingly put herself in harm’s way to help others.

"Flighty" - Conflict is not her strong suit. No matter the type of conflict, be it emotional or physical, she is far more likely to find a quick way to get herself out of it. Raised voices, brawling, and debates are just a few examples of conflicts she would rather keep her distance from. When there is conflict involving her or around her, she tends to close in on herself more than usual. Between fight or flight, Brianna will very rarely choose fight. There must be a substantial reason for her to stay in the vicinity of conflict. For example, if someone needs her she won't like it, but she would stay to help out.
"Perceptive" - Little things interest her. Talking to someone she does not look at them as a whole, rather she watches the little quirks and mannerisms that they do. Details in general throughout everything in life perk her interest. The placement of things in a shop, the decor of someone’s home, or the attire of a passerby are just a few of the world’s interesting things. Her deduction skills though, can sometimes become dicey. She can get jealous easily and can worry over things that aren't even real problems, but this also means she can easily pick up on small cues in peoples body language or words, even small changes in the environment around her.
"Animal Kin" - With her specialty rooted in our animal counterparts, even before she had any idea what she was or where she came from, Bri got along better with any and all animals. Animals are naturally drawn to her and she to them. Feeling like kin influences more aspects of her life and who she is than she is aware of, like her dislike for being indoors and being around large crowds.

"Sheltered?" - Growing up in a town of 550 people left Bri to her own imagination for entertainment most days. Her mind is her play field. That being said, she is easily lost in her own thoughts preferring silence and the natural noise of the world over chatter. Is she an airhead? Not exactly, but at times she can be caught up in what most people see as the simple things in life. Getting lost in one's head though, makes it pretty easy for someone to follow, watch, kidnap, and/or spook her.

[Character's aspirations:]
(1 <chapter centric>- SupChars, 1-3 Extended)

1. Being the best wife and mother she can has always been a dream of hers, even before both of these things fell into her lap.
2. To become a well known and influential artist would probably be more recognition than she could handle, but a girl can dream.
3. Her love for animals and being around them has her wishing to own or run a wildlife sanctuary.  

[Character hook:]

   Brianna's hook into Bohemia is her husband Zash, he brought her to Bohemian. She moved into the Silverweb estate after feeling as if someone was watching her. Bohemia holds a draw to Bri though, being the heir to the Leigh bloodline ties her to the land in ways she has yet to understand or really consciously notice. For the moment, having stayed cooped up in the estate, Bri is more of an elusive unicorn to everyone but those staying at the Silverweb estate.

[Character's dynamics:]

[Character's skills & specifications:]

[Character's stress & consequence thresholds:]

 The amount of mental stress Brianna can handle is pretty large, growing up semi sheltered and surrounded by little sisters, she found ways to not break under their pressure. Physical stress on the other hand, that is a whole other issue. She is more stubborn than resilient, able to act as if she can take much more than she actually can. This makes her super susceptible to

[Character's background:]

  Brianna was born in Tofty, Alaska, surrounded by family and friends, her given name at birth was Amaruq Nuna. Having been born just before her twin sister, she was the lucky one. The sisters meant to be each others balancer did not even get to spend a moment together outside of utero as her twin was stillborn. Many within the family had no idea her mother,  Karoline, had been carrying two babies. With her opposite and balancer gone, Brianna was fated to battle with finding her balance on her own. Some did not think this was possible, only one acted on this thought though. Karoline's friend and confidant, Reanna, urged Brianna's mother to end her daughter's life and when she wouldn't, Reanna took matters into her own hands. With no luck urging others of her clan to pay attention to the situation, Reanna finally got obsessed enough to try and do what Karoline couldn't. When Brianna was three, the life that she was slowly growing into was ripped away from her. Her mother narrowly escaped the attack from her friend with her life, leaving her comatose. Not wishing this fate on not only Brianna but his other three daughters, Brianna's father Kenny packed the four girls up, transferred his wife to a hospital in Wisconsin under a different name, and fled.

  Brianna, her sisters, and her father took residence in the scenic small town of Bayfield, Wisconsin. Karoline was placed in one of the hospitals in Minneapolis, Minnesota, just a three hour drive south. The community in Bayfield was very similar to that of Tofty tight knit and very community-driven. The family was easily swept up and accepted in. Brianna's father made sure that none of the girls ever knew their heritage for fear of dangers catching up to them. He also made sure they remained largely off the grid, since he knew that the Leigh family would not be the only family searching for Brianna and her sisters. It was by sheer luck that in late 2014 her father caught wind of a few of the Leigh liege families sniffing around the hospital where her mother was. He had each girl pack a suitcase and then pick an envelope for which school they would attend. The schools provided dorms for their students much like a college, though with a dorm came extra costs and so the girls would have to venture by themselves to try and secure either a scholarship, financial aid, or get into a work-study. Brianna ended up in Esterwell, New York in their prep school.

  With her love for animals, Brianna was easily able to secure a work-study position at the schools stables, funding her way through school that way. As January 2015 rolled around her life slowly began to shift without much of her knowledge. After meeting Zash Silverweb, they fell into a whirlwind like relationship. She lost footing halfway through though and she felt like her grasp on reality was more than shaky. The veil her father had pulled over her eyes was lifting and she was beginning to glimpse the world, she had been born to inherit. Within the span of a couple months, Zash and Brianna had gotten married and her whole life had changed. Even though she continued to take care of the horses for the school, she barely ever actually went to class.

  Brianna always knew something was up, all the girls did. They knew they had to split up because of danger, they knew that someone was after them. With Brianna's eyes open to a whole new world now, she began to understand the why of all the fuss. For weeks, Bri knew someone was watching her and with a lack of understanding, that sat in just a bit of truth, when an odd storm hit, she freaked out and ran for it, fleeing Esterwell, much liker her father had fled Tofty. Luckily just weeks before, Zash had presented her with a home in the Bohemia forests. Within the safety of these walls she would stay as she progressively got weaker. Come to find out later, the weakness did not come from what she feared, she was pregnant and it was zapping most of her energy and magic from her.

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