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Post by Brianna Silverweb on Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:21 pm

What you should know
   The witches, no matter the familial ties share an immense bond with the islands and each other. As a whole, their existence dates back to ancient times. In most cases it is quite easy for someone within the whole of the tribe/clan/family to trace their lineage back; it doesn't matter if they are a liege or the royals themselves.

What does it mean to be a royal descendant or pure-blood?
   To be of royal descent, means that as a witch your character sits as a part of the family many look up to. In the Magiska war these families were gifted with the purest forms of their favored elements and an artifact that tied them to the power source in Bohemia. A witch in the royal bloodline for this reason is considered a pure-blood. The youth of the royals are brought up to be leaders in their territory's covens, while the heir is raised to take the elemental seat in the Tribunal.  Each pure-blood will have a larger aptitude for magic, as well as, a greater reservoir within them to tap into.

What does it mean to be a part of a liege family?
   To be in a liege family means that your character has at one point fall in with the royal family. Some lieges can be traced back as joining into the fold ages ago, while some are more recent. The liege families generally have histories that tie heavily into that of the royal family, but they also have beginnings and histories all their own. Each family is with the royals to study under them, honing their craft and strengthening their bond with magic. A liege witch generally still maintains a natural aptitude for magic, though not as strong as that of the royals. The magic well that the liege witches have within them is again commonly smaller than that of the royals.

Do half-blood witches exist? What are they all about?
   Yes, half-blood witches do exist. Mortal half-bloods are rare though. Witches, being a part of those that uphold the veil, tend to keep relationships to those they can be open about who they are with. Half-bloods, depending on their upbringing and relationship with magic, may or may not carry a reservoir of magic. If the witch has grown up on the mortal side of the veil, chances are they have no well of magic to tap into to begin with. With that said, no matter the beginnings, if there is a blood tie to magic learning it will come easier than if a mortal with no connection were to pick up the craft. The stronger the tie, the easier it can get.
   Half-bloods of non-mortal heritage generally grow up and learn from both sides of the family and carry the traits of both. A non-mortal halfie does not necessarily come from a witch having relations with such and such race. Each family has a race that, in the past, became so intermingled with the group that the supernatural's traits became a rare recessive gene that can pop up anywhere in a family.  

Royals and lieges, is this like a medieval kingdom?
   In essence, yes. Each tribe has a way of doing leadership, whether it be in hierarchy, patriarchy, or monarchy fashion. They main families were and still are rulers in their own rites. Over the years and with the pass of the Magiska war the tribes shifted themselves to fit into a sort of modernized medieval kingdom build, with a king presiding over houses of nobles and the nobles presiding over lesser nobles within their houses, so on and so forth. The Silverwebs sit as the king and his family, the elemental houses sit as the royal family and their lieges under them.

Do the elemental houses quarrel?
   Of course. The various families, royal or not, come from a wide assortment of cultures and traditions. Even with the shared, intermingled histories they all share, the differences amongst them can create problems. Throughout history, the Mustafa family and their lieges have always sparked trouble between themselves and other families. From time to time, they have even been known to insight problems between others just by sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. The families aren't immune to questioning each others leadership, though it doesn't often move past hushed words shared among family. There have been times that houses did not attend the Tribunal meetings or various festivals the town holds the absence never persisted though until recently. The most recent conflicts seen among the houses are the accidental deaths of four Espinosa family members, including their heir and the disappearance of the Leigh's main pure-blood family after their mother was hospitalized, taking the heir with them.  

How do dynamics apply to witches?
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