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Fire embodiment - Family information Empty Fire embodiment - Family information

Post by Brianna Silverweb on Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:16 pm

Mustafa - Hōr
(Modern Surname - Royal Surname)
Fire - point on the pentacle - House leader

- Leadership seat at the Tribunal table - Currently held by
- Grand Coven seats - Currently held by
- Heir to the bloodline -
- Leadership passed down in a patriarchy fashion.
- Descendants of the Egyptians.
- Home territories - Egypt.
- Magic specialties - Pyromancy, Heart (Passion, Emotions, Desires), Light, Heat, and Pyrotechnics
- Race directly tied into the Bennu tribe - Griffon
- Mustafa family tree - Characters without pictures are available, playable characters. (There are some exceptions to this so be sure to ask or double check if a character interests you and it has a picture.)

About the Family:
The Mustafa family and those around them around known for their drive and passion. Many strive to be the leaders of today or the best of the best within the military. To settle for less than greatness is uncommon for those in this house. The Mustafa clan and their followers breed some of the best artists around, many of which have the sort of spark that shines through whichever medium they choose to use. The Mustafa family themselves own and run a very famous and successful jewelry line that boasts trends that mirror their ancient Egyptian roots. This business along with other artisan like businesses front the families underground business practices.

Family Dynamic:
[Coming Soon]

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