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Earth embodiment - Family information Empty Earth embodiment - Family information

Post by Brianna Silverweb on Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:10 pm

Leigh - Nuna
(Modern Surname - Royal Surname)
Earth - point on the pentacle - House leader

- Leadership seat at the Tribunal table - Currently held by Maebh Leigh
- Grand Coven seats - Currently held by Maebh Leigh & Brian Leigh (Sibling pairing)
- Heir to the bloodline - Brianna Silverweb nee. Leigh
- Leadership passed down in a Matriarchy and/ or Matrilineal fashion.
- Descendants of The Paleo-Eskimo Dorset and Thule cultures.
- Home territories - Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and a small off branch in Russia.
- Magic specialties - Flora, Fauna, Terramancer, Crystals, Metal, Shamanism, and Druidism.
- Race directly tied into the (Name) tribe - Shifters
- Leigh family tree - Characters without pictures are available, playable characters. (There are some exceptions to this so be sure to ask or double check if a character interests you and it has a picture.)

About the Family:
The Leigh family is well known within the magic world, but when it comes to the real world they are about as allusive as they come. Living relatively secluded in a small community made up of them and their lieges, the towns nearby don't often see their faces. Those in town that do know them, know them for their market crops, healing salves, and various other organic products.

Family Dynamic:
The Leigh clan and their lieges live a very modest life. They make, hunt, grow or salvage for what they need and any extra is taken to market and sold to buy supplies they can not normally get their hands on. The community is not fully in the modern age like many others, but they do have some modern technologies.

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