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Water embodiment - Family information Empty Water embodiment - Family information

Post by Brianna Silverweb on Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:14 pm

Palakiko - Caravahlo
(Modern Surname - Royal Surname)
Water - point on the pentacle - House leader

- Leadership seat at the Tribunal table - Currently held by
- Grand Coven seats - Currently held by
- Heir to the bloodline -
- Leadership passed down in a Matriarchy and/ or Matrilineal fashion.
- Descendants of Taiwan.
- Home territories - Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, Easter Island, and New Zealand.
- Magic specialties - Hydromancer, Healing, Aquatic life, Visionary (divination, clairvoyance and scrying), and Channeler
- Race directly tied into the Tagaloa tribe - Dragon
- Palakiko family tree - Characters without pictures are available, playable characters. (There are some exceptions to this so be sure to ask or double check if a character interests you and it has a picture.)

About the family:
The Palakiko family and their lieges are known for their seafaring skills and their clearheaded nature. Many are gifted with the ability to see past illusions and deeper into others minds. Their large exports and trade enterprise is known around the world. Within the house many of the members are in or at one point were in the navy, serving mainly as captains though there were a few that rose up into admirals.  

Family Dynamic:
Devotion to each other runs deep in the Tagaloa core values. Even with the families sitting miles apart on different islands, they are still a very tight knit group. [More to come]

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