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Post by Zash on Fri Jul 03, 2015 9:49 pm

Big golden rule: “Make it about the story”.
And: “Consent RP at all times”
Followed closely by “We're here to have fun”.

The core principle of the Bohemia Saga is to tell dynamic, believable, collective stories.

A narrator can be requested at any time to help moderate a player scene, and are present in Climactic scenes where combat and great conflict are often present.

Drama and conflict occur in the story and drive plot so it's important to have a "common ground" way of resolving and playing through them when necessary so that it is easy to keep conflicting feelings brought on by in character plot from leaking into OOC feelings. This means a number of things, a big one being keep OOC in OOC (duh). Also, just don’t be a dick. This is a community we’re building here, we’re all choosing to be together, keep it fun and keep the drama in the story. Never feed the drama Llamas.  Also, discuss with other players in the scene to determine the prefered method of resolving unclear outcomes. Bohemia has it's own dice system available, as well as narrators that can help moderate where necessary.

We have a fun little clubhouse here, but we can’t please everyone all the time. We’ll do our best to try to keep it fair and fun, but sometimes we all have to give a little. Be flexible when you can and let's all work together. If you have an issue, be sure to talk to the Admins. We can't help if we don't know you need it.

There are IC consequences for IC actions. See golden rule. Players are held responsible for their OOC actions, as well.

Tact in ooc matters is highly praised and passive aggressiveness is strongly discouraged. Conduct yourselves accordingly. If there are issues, please talk to each other. Be grown ups. Work things out. If that doesn’t work or you need a mediator, talk to the Director*** or one of the Admins to help.

***That bears repeating: If you have a problem you can not work out yourself, please always come to the Director. If you need something, talk to him. If you are unsure or have questions about something, talk to him. Seriously….He’s just an IM or notecard away and despite how convenient it would be if he could, he can’t actually read your mind and he’s here for you. Your needs and concerns matter but you have to speak up.

Ditch the Ego. Try to focus on the story, and telling a great one together with others that have that same goal in mind.

Also note, local chat for Bohemia is IC only. Use IMs or the group channel to chat when not in character.

Consent RP
Consent RP is explained well by applying the "Underpants Rule" to yourself and your character.  The Underpants Rule is simple: everyone is the boss of their own underpants so you get to choose for you and other people get to choose for them and it’s not your job to tell other people what to do. Likewise, it's not anyone else's job to choose for you. Your authority is only assumed as far as your own underpants. It's silly, but think about it. Players should always post for their actions alone (with exception of NPCs in their charge). Players should never make posts that force actions, or reactions, on others. Efforts and attempts can be made to accomplish a goal, but the outcome that affects another player's character should never be dictated to them.

    Acceptable: Nora swung her fists wildly, through bitter tears of rage as she sought to knock the hooded figure back.Unacceptable: Nora swung her fist and decked the hooded figure on the chin so that she could scramble away down the alley.

The second example is unacceptable because it doesn't give the hooded figure a chance to react and squashes potential story evolution. The exception to this, would be if the hooded figure was an NPC that the player (Nora's typist) was in control of.

You, the player, are in charge of your character's destiny and have the right to play a character you enjoy playing. (Note: Sometimes the narrators will make suggestions or requests to help you and your character flow in the story more smoothly. This is never an attempt to take your character away from you or make you play something you don't want to play. Have a dialog with the admins if you need help understanding what they are trying to smooth out or sync up. You might have ideas they just hadn't thought about that will serve the same purpose.)

Fade to Black (FtB)
Sometimes in RP there are themes or situations that our characters get into and engage in that you might not be comfortable with or find upsetting for ooc reasons (or even to just for logistical reasons like gaining time). It is ok to talk to your scene partner(s) in IMs about having a Ftb (Where the events occur but are not played out). You should discuss basically what happened in the faded scene but it is not required for anyone to ever play through a scene that they don't feel good about.

FtB can be used to edit sexual scenes, adult/racy content, or private moments for shared scenes or even if a player is just uncomfortable playing the specifics out in detail.  

Power Playing
Absolutely no powergaming, godmodding, metagaming, etc. It feels absurd to even have to list that, but it’s a HUGE one. Doing so can quickly ruin the fun in storytelling for anyone and it just won’t be tolerated. If you have issues with this please notecard the interaction and bring it to the attention of the Admins. There will be a 3 strikes policy on this. After a second warning, players that commit such unforgivable offenses again shall be sent on their merry way and their departure will be written in to the story as it fits.

All new players play a Supplemental Character role or "SupChar" when they begin playing with us in bohemia. This is a way to jump right in while getting acquainted with the setting and a way for players to get acquainted in and out of character to see where players fit and what interests align. For more info on SupChars see the Supplemental Character thread in the Rules & Expectations section.

Child Avies
All players must be 18+. Children avatars are certainly welcome but their players must be over the age of 18 and everyone must play nice with LL’s TOS.

Keep in mind - We are a minor character friendly setting. LL TOS states that child avatars are responsible for themselves and avoiding inappropriate interactions, however, please be considerate by not making this any harder for them than it has to be. While there are adult themes present in the setting, it is not our main focus. Public settings are considered PG safe. This does not mean that all rp in public spaces has to be PG, just be mindful of other players and keep it fun for everyone.

Dice should never trump story. Dice can help add an element of chance to success and failure of an act or settle disputes. It's the players' job to tell the story of the outcome. Story always comes first.

When determining use of dice in non-narrated scenes when conflict arises, players should discuss with scenemates in IMs ahead of time to determine if dice will be used in rp.

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