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Veil Protectors - Family information Empty Veil Protectors - Family information

Post by Brianna Silverweb on Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:06 pm

Silverweb - Ulfrnson
(Modern Surname - Royal Surname)
Protectors - unifying circle around the pentacle - King

- Leadership seat at the Tribunal table - Currently held by Rohan Silverweb
- Grand Coven seats - Currently held by Rohan and Astrid Silverweb (Spousal pairing)
- Heir to the bloodline - Zashyn Silverweb
- Leadership passed down in a Patriarchy fashion.
- Descendants of Scandinavian and Viking cultures.
- Home territories - New York, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, and Briton.
- Race directly tied into the Rannulfr tribe - Werewolves (Recessive trait)
- Silverweb family tree - Characters without pictures are available, playable characters. (There are some exceptions to this so be sure to ask or double check if a character interests you and it has a picture.)

About the Family:
[Coming Soon]

Family Dynamic:
[Coming Soon]

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