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3. Using Dice Empty 3. Using Dice

Post by Zash on Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:26 am

Bohemia has it's own dice. The HUD can be found in the landing area or given by any narrator or common player that has it. It rolls 4 six sided dice with 0, -1, +1 values and adds up the outcome resulting in a range from +4 to -4. These numbers correspond to a ladder of success vs. failure. It determines if an attempt went as planned or not and to what extent. Positive(+) numbers represent a degree of successful intended attempt, while negative numbers represent a degree of failure (or more specifically non-success, as the intended action did not go according to plan) and to what extent. 0 is a neutral roll that can either be used as a passive success or failure per the player's choice or rerolled all together. It is then the player's job to tell the story of the outcome that befell them with the chance of their roll.

This dice method adds some chance and unknowns to the story to keep things more fair and unpredictable without shifting focus away from the narrative story. Dice never trump story. Playing what is believable and interesting is always prefered over rolling dice. However, dice can be used to help determine whether something succeeds and at what level. Players are always responsible for using roleplay and their storytelling to reveal how something occurred (or didn't). So, more than success and failure, the outcome of rolling dice represents a scale to help players interact with the story.

When to Roll Dice

In Exposition Scenes dice are optional and players should agree with other scene mates ahead of time to decide if they want to incorporate them. For unopposed action, dice can be used inconsistently or "whenever a player feels like it" to add chance and uncontrolled elements to the scene. In opposed situations, it is best to discuss and determine ahead of time to what extent the dice will be used and agree before going forward.

Unopposed Action:
Dice can be rolled any time a player wishes to add some variable or element of chance to the success or failure of an act. The roll determines success vs. failure for the player and to what extreme. The player then interprets the results by playing out the scene accordingly.

Opposed Action
Dice can be used any time an action against an opposing force is attempted. When actions conflict the dice ban be used to numerically compare success vs. the opposition. When dice are used in a combat setting, the player attempting an action roll to determine the degree of non/success. If they are not successful in their attempt the defending player can then play in response to the other player's roll (but do not need to roll themselves until another opposed action is attempted)
Players should decide ahead of time if ties will be rerolled or played as tied action.

The Ladder is as follows:

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