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2. Playing in Bohemia Empty 2. Playing in Bohemia

Post by Zash on Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:25 am

First and foremost, please be familiar and comfortable with the "Rules & Expectations" section of the forum.

Once you've worked through the "How to Join Us" section, have your character in place, and have been invited to the rp group, you're ready to dive in and start playing.

With your character created, most of the play will be done telling great stories through free-form roleplay in exposition scenes based on the Aspects, Aspirations, Troubles, and Dynamics that your character is built with. You are encouraged to save these scenes and turn them in to the welcome board in the landing area to be awarded fate points for your roleplay. The truer you play to your character the more opportunity you have to receive fate points and to spark and/or influence chapter related themes and moments.

Much like in real life, you are responsible for your own experience here. Get involved, ask questions, share ideas. There are a lot of opportunities and layers to explore in Bohemia. If you need help finding your niche or want to help start something, please contact a staff member. Also, don't expect others to only come to you for rp. If you want it, get out there and make it happen.

Freeform Exposition Scenes -

Posting Order

Turning in Scene Logs -

Chapter Scenes -

The Mists


Conflict & Action
Discussing conflict resolution with scene mates

Conflict and action in chapter scnes

Injury & Healing

Death is by consent only. A player must agree prior to the scene to a permanent death for their character.

We have an in house dice system that can be used to help with game play. Dice should never trump story. Dice can help add an element of chance to success and failure of an act or settle disputes. It's the players' job to tell the story of the outcome. Story always comes first.

When determining use of dice in non-narrated scenes when conflict arises, players should discuss with scenemates in IMs ahead of time to determine if dice will be used in rp.

For information on how to use dice in Bohemia, read on in the dice section.

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