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   Seth Grayson

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   Rowdy Rocker

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[Character hook:]

   Seth is a born and raised townie. There are very few years that he was actually not in Bohemia. His father died a few years back, but his mother still remains to care for him and his step brother whenever Nathan decides to come around.
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[Character's stress & consequence thresholds:]

   Stress has never been hard for him to deal with. Mentally, he is able to withstand a higher threshold because of his stint performing both in college and with his band. Physically his is highly tolerant, not so much to pain, but he does not fatigue easily. The fights he has had thought his years both with his brother and while he was away for college have done him well physically.

[Character's background:]

   At a young age, Seth always had an over the top personality, playing pranks and causing innocent trouble. He was easily coined the up and coming town clown as a toddler. When he was four though, this big personality took a turn. He started to notice that his parents were distracted. It wasn’t all the time, but it was noticeable.

   Questions came up about siblings and his thoughts on them. Being so young his thoughts started to fall to just not being good enough for them. If they wanted more, he was obviously missing some redeeming quality. His lovable, clownish, larger than life personality, turned into something that was attention seeking in the worst ways. He became disruptive and impatient, among many other lackluster traits.    

   After a few years of trying, the Grayson's decided to open their home to foster children. It was a lot of hoops to jump through just to get the city to allow it. By the time it was all official, Seth was six years old. In those few years, he had tried everything imaginable to get the city to reject the application. He was no where near ready to have a sibling, even less ready to just have random kids share his parents with him.

   His parents tried to get him involved in some of the many activities around town for children. They tried music programs, art programs, theater programs, you name it they tried it. The ones they did successfully get him into, it was short lived. Seth either drove the other children nuts or the instructors.

   One of the first foster children sent to call his house their home was a young boy. Naturally, Seth wanted nothing to do with him. He wouldn’t give the boy the time of day, at least not outwardly. Observing these invading children became a pastime for him. If he could figure out what made them tick, he could figure out ways to get rid of them quicker.  This boy brought a guitar along with them though. At first, Seth merely wanted to break the thing to piss the kid off and get him sent on his merry way. He made the mistake of sitting down to fuss with it first. It wasn’t love at first strum but it was pretty close to that.

   Soon enough, Seth had his own guitar bought with allowance money, so it really was his and only his. He kept it hidden from the foster siblings he was given and he kept to himself. The guitar was his escape. His focus shifted from trying to get these kids removed from his house, to just trying to ignore them. The more children passed through his house, the more he channeled his feeling into either his music or being obnoxious to those around him.

   By the time he was nine, his parents had, had enough. A child was lined up for them to take in but they had decided it would be their last. As much as they loved having kids around, they couldn’t allow their needs to hurt their relationship with Seth any longer. They hardly expected what this new child would mean for the family. When Nathan showed up, he was just as angry and reserved as Seth. Their trouble maker histories set them up to have things in common, maybe not good things, still things.

   The boys had their ups and downs, but Seth warmed up enough to him that he felt comfortable enough to show him his guitar. His parents were overjoyed that the two seemed to be fond of one another. They got along like siblings, poked at each other like siblings, and fought like siblings. It wasn’t a hard choice for them to decide to petition to adopt Nathan. It was however, a nerve wrecking topic to bring up to Seth. They didn’t want to mess up the progress made, so before deciding anything, they asked him. To their surprise, he had no problems with it. He wasn’t enthused about it, but there were no objections.

   In no time, Seth had a step brother. Not that he really considered him that until much later, but he had someone he could trust. The two got along splendidly when into some sort of trouble, or chasing girls around. As they grew though, they were commonly up in one another's face. Differences in personalities started becoming a problem. Their parents didn’t think much of it, figuring it was just boys being boys, or siblings affections.

   More on his own than ever, Seth focused his attention to his music, girls, school and drugs. He wasn’t an A student and even though he cut class frequently, he maintained a C average in most classes. The fact he brought home better grades than Nathan, helped him lift his head up more. High school, particularly the girls in it, brought back that exuberant confidence from his childhood. It was never able to outshadow his worst qualities that clung to him though.

   Graduation came and went, alongside Nathan he was set up in New York at LaGuardia Community College. Living in a metropolis was eye opening for him. His music no longer was his secret to keep, it was however, still his escape. He joined up into the music program in the college and fell into the underground music scene in the city. It wasn’t long before he was swept up into a garage band, playing lead guitar. They weren’t terrible, but perfect is not a compliment they commonly heard.

   A band can be far more drama than it is worth though. One of the groupie girls that had been slinking her way around the entire group began pawing her way up on Seth. Without really thinking much about it, he played along. Soon enough word spread about her spread and the guys split after choice words were said. Few kept in direct contact with Seth. As a lot though, they bumped shoulders far more than they would have liked over their college years.

   By the time he graduated, Seth was more than happy to pull away from all the crazy drama and fall back into the easy life of his home. He had been so entwined in his new life that his father’s passing went unnoticed by him until his return. His mother welcomed him back with open arms. The lose of her husband made her fawn over her only son like a protective mother lion. He didn’t have to have a care in the world because she took care of it all for him. He never had to find a job or a house. All he had to do was continue to play his music, she would take care of the rest. Nathan was in town as well and Seth tried to reconnect with his stepbrother, but he wouldn’t have any of it and still doesn’t even though Seth has become a regular at The Rook.
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