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   Nathan Stone

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[Character's high concept:]

   [Coming Soon]

[Character's trouble(s):]
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   Sleeping with the wrong man’s intended tends to hold repercussions. These repercussions get especially bad when the female in question belongs to a powerful magic family with more than a little sway in the town he lives and does business in.

[Character aspects:]
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[Character's aspirations:]
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1. [Coming Soon]

[Character hook:]

   Nathan’s ties to Bohemia don’t start at birth, but they do start with his adoptive parents. Born in another place, into another life he came to the island at the age of 10. His adoptive family isn’t one the “bards” would sing about but it is his, even if he doesn’t claim it most days.

[Character's dynamics:]

[Character's skills & specifications:]

[Character's stress & consequence thresholds:]

   Physically, Nathan’s stress thresholds are easily above average. His pain tolerance is far above normal, mainly because he is a lover of pain mingled pleasure. Fatiguing him is hard, his opposite is more likely to fall prey to this before he is. Mental and emotional stress though, he does his best to avoid it, but put under pressure he is about average.  

[Character's background:]

   Life didn’t really start out in the most forgiving way for Nathan. At the age of five, he was removed from his birth family’s home after his mother’s neglect left him stranded at home alone for almost two days. The only reason he is alive is because a neighbor got curious. It may not have been safe or healthy for him, this home, but the act of taking it away from him without having any say did not sit well. He missed his mother, no matter how detached she had been. Most of the remaining family did not step forward to take him in, those that did were unfit to care for him for one reason or another.

   In the span of five years, Nathan bounced in and out of eight foster homes. He fought acceptance wherever he went. The places that were able to get him to open up and keep him longer, soon had a kid rebel on their hands. In his mind, all good things had ulterior motives or they were destined to come to an end. So to make it hurt less, he ended the rides sooner rather than later.

   After a bit of leg work by his social worker, he was placed in Bohemia into the Grayson family. The fact that they had a boy just one year younger and seemingly of similar taste cemented his placement with the family. Seth and Nathan did get along well enough for a little bit of his detached nature to chip away. The boys got up to little bouts of trouble, however it was never enough trouble that the family wished him gone. The fourteenth month mark came swiftly and the Grayson’s filled for full custody and adoption.

   As the boys grew they had their shared moments, but differing personalities started to smother one or the other. More than not if they weren’t up to no good or chasing girls, they were at each others throats. Their parents chalked it up to being their way of showing brotherly affections for each other.

   Nathan turned his attentions fully to girls, parties, and alcohol as he physically matured. He was the bad guy that all the girls swooned over either openly or behind closed doors. With a taste for the free-spirited females, he was right at home in Bohemia. Invited to all the parties, he began to tuck back into his detached nature securing himself for the seed of thought that his family would somehow give him back now. Those that got in the way of what he wanted were bullied into submission by various means.

   As graduation neared, it was pretty apparent that his grades wouldn’t gain him entry into any universities or allow him access to any scholarships. With two children to send to college, the Grayson’s could only front enough to get the boys into LaGuardia Community College in New York, NY. Skirt chasing had led him to many different kinds of strip clubs in New York. Just three months into college, Nathan knew what he wanted to do with his life.

   Dropping out, he couldn’t resist the pull that the brand of women in Bohemia had on him. Ultimately, he wiggled his way back into the community. Accepted back purely because he brought a business model to the table. Assuming the space of a tired strip club that barely anyone frequented anymore. He was able to set-up shop rapidly and get The Rook up and running in no time. Before opening, he caught wind of his birth mother's death and in a bit of a tribute to his actual roots, he assumed the surname he was born with, Stone.

   Coming back was not all flowers and rainbows though. With women aplenty and many just his type, it would be a bold faced lie to say he didn’t get around. His getting around, ended up getting him into more than a bit of trouble recently. Caught between the sheets with one of the women from the Mustafa family, he was swept up into a love triangle he never meant to be a part of. Not being the type to settle, he had no want to settle with the woman. She however, failed to tell him she was promised to someone else and that someone else, alongside her family, was pissed.
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