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[Character name:]

   Bridget Meyers

[Character age:]


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[Character's high concept:]

   [Coming Soon]

[Character's trouble(s):]
(1 - SupChars, 1-3 - Extended)

   Saying no to helping, giving, or doing something is not really in her vocabulary. She is prone to taking on too many things at one time and running herself ragged. Though her family's backing allows her to give to others without worry of getting by herself, it can often lead to people using her. A few bucks here or there can quickly spiral out of her control. That, however, has yet to knock it into her brain that “no” is a good and proper thing to say at times.

[Character aspects:]
(3 - SupChars, 5+ - Extended)

“Silver Spoon” - She was raised privileged, wanting for nothing. Sent to the best private schools money could offer and instilled with a killer ambition. The money never affected her like it did other children. She avoided falling into any of the privileged stereotypes. However, going through life with influential parents to back her comes with others believing she got things because of her money or because of her parents. To most, none of her accomplishments were really earned and they weren’t shy about letting her know this much.    

“” - [Coming Soon]

“” - [Coming Soon]

[Character's aspirations:]
(1 <chapter centric>- SupChars, 1-3 Extended)

1. To sit as Principal flute in the Philharmonic.

[Character hook:]

   Unlike many in town, she did not grow up on the island. She was transplanted after the death of her husband, Mark’s grandparents. Upon Acceptance into the community, Bridget instantly fell into a job working as Lloyd Milton’s assistant. Milton and Bridget’s father were college buddies at Columbia University.

[Character's dynamics:]

[Character's skills & specifications:]

[Character's stress & consequence thresholds:]

   Any type of stress does not do her well. She can handle more physical stress, having just a slightly below average fatigue threshold. Her ability to maintain herself under mental/emotional stress though is severely lacking. Bridget is prone to crumbling and become incapacitated under any major stress. Commonly, she is her own worst enemy when it comes to stressful things.

[Character's background:]

   The Mannello family came into money just a few generations back and have raised through the ranks to become some of the leading tech providers in the states. Bridget’s parents both worked full time, so for much of her life she was raised by a young nanny. When her parents were around, the family spent their time living life to the fullest. They frequented places like Disneyland and the Broadway theater just to name a few.

   In elementary school, Bridget started showing an interest in the music classes. Wanting to give her the best they could her parents signed her up to go through Juilliard's pre-college courses alongside her regular schooling. Being thrown in with so many other young musicians caused her to spark up with an intense fear of failure. Practicing and learning around people not only her age but older made her push harder and strive to be better. As a woodwind player, she was made to participate in the Pre-College Orchestra as a part of her program.

   Throughout her school years she continued to attend the Juilliard pre-college program. Her instruction and participation in the Orchestra fueled a passion for the whole idea. She began volunteering to help out with the New York Philharmonic, mostly allowed because of generous donations given to the Orchestra by her family. With school, Juilliard, and her volunteer work, plus the daily practice she had to do as homework, it left very little time for any real social life.

   After graduation, she applied to only one college, Juilliard. An audition later and she was fully accepted into the school of her dreams. Being from a well known family had its downfalls during college though. Fellow students would tease her and say that she only got in because of her families money. She did her best to keep a smile on her face and as the words and accusations flew, she practiced harder. Still volunteering for the New York Philharmonic, she was able to drown out most of her doubts by working harder for what she ultimately wanted.

   A park nearby one of her family’s towers caught her eye one day. It looked desolate of people and perfect to practice in. Her inspiration sparked just looking at it. By the next day she was practicing amongst the foliage, hidden from the world around her. As the days passed she got deeper and deeper into the park, until one day a raging man threw a fit about her music. She was horrified that anyone was even listening to her practice. Without hesitating she heeded to the man’s wishes and left the park. Practicing again in the music room her parents had made for her.

   The lack of her new inspiration affected her music more than she could help. The voices of her peers got louder than ever as her skill faltered. With an audition to become a part of the New York Philharmonic swiftly approaching, she practiced around the clock. Ultimately, even lacking a certain spark in her music, she was accepted. The fear that her acceptance was because of her family’s donations drove her back to the park to stand up for her right to play there.

   Her first day back playing in the park, she was practically spooked out of it again as the man from before scooped her up in an overly friendly greeting. His apologies that followed kept her from retreating back to her music room once again. The park became a part of her daily schedule, making sure to be there the same time as the odd dude, Mark. She played for him and he painted. The two became fast friends and within no time the had become an item.

   Three years later, Mark popped the question and the two held a small wedding in their park, much to her family’s dismay. Their happiness was short lived because just six months later Mark’s family got a little smaller. The death of his grandparents tugged them back to his home town, Bohemia. Luckily, they were still close enough that Bridget was able to maintain a spot in the Philharmonics and continue her studies at Juilliard. Working a job in Bohemia, while also finishing school and being a part of the Orchestra has put a strain on her blooming relationship with Mark and maybe even her health.
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