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[Character name:]

   Mark Meyers

[Character age:]


[Character race:]


[Character's high concept:]

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[Character's trouble(s):]
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   [Coming Soon]

[Character aspects:]
(3 - SupChars, 5+ - Extended)

“Old Fashioned” - At the ripe age of 25, he is like an 80 year old stuck in an adult's body. His loyalty to his family runs deep, but he can often times come off like a hard ass. He values traditions, values, hard work, and high morals. Holding larger than life morals for those around him, yet a soft spot for those that can find his gooey core.

“Favors Beauty” - As an old, artistic soul he can be caught up with a sudden and random fierceness in the beauty of a person, place, or thing. Once his muse hits him, it is hard for him to Concentrate on anything else. The paintings that come from these stints are far better than any of his other work, yet he doesn’t wish to show them. Beauty is his weakness. When others take a liking to what he has, or someone ruins/ harms whatever holds his unadulterated attentions, he is liable to bring his full rage down onto them.

“Hawk-Eyed and Heedful” - Keeping to himself doesn’t mean that he is not observant. He watches people around him closely and is quick to notice things others may not. In most cases he will continue to keep to himself though, preferring to not get involved. If confronted though, he doesn’t hesitate or pull punches. He is direct and will tell things how he sees them.

[Character's aspirations:]
(1 <chapter centric>- SupChars, 1-3 Extended)

1. Have a whole gallery show dedicated to showing his work.

[Character hook:]

   When Mark's grandparents died, he set his New York life on hold and returned to his hometown of Bohemia to take over their laundromat and laundry service. As one of their closest grandchildren he was a shoe-in for the business to fall to. Picking up and moving his new wife to the islands wasn’t anything he expected to do, but in the end he moved back swiftly.

[Character's dynamics:]

[Character's skills & specifications:]

[Character's stress & consequence thresholds:]

   His physical and mental thresholds are both around average. He can take a higher amount of mental/emotional stress, than he can take of physical stress. Physical stress can be hard on him and fatigue him quickly.

[Character's background:]

   Mark grew up in Bohemia, living with his mother and his grandparents. His father was a senior airman in the US Air Force stationed out of Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Mark only saw his father for a two week period, every six months. At the age of six though, Mark’s father was killed in an accident shortly after returning to his base. The years following were hard on the whole family, but especially on his mother. She fell ill and refused to admit that she was sick. Her illness finally took her from her family just after Mark’s tenth birthday. Losing both his parents left him devastated.    

   His grandparents assumed guardianship of Mark and his siblings with relative ease. With their help he fell into painting to help him cope. He took to it naturally, though remained aloof about it, keeping his love for it secret. Retreating to the forest, he would spend hours upon hours pouring his emotions onto the small canvases that he could conceal on his way out.

   When he was old enough, he found himself in the independent studies courses given at the high school. His grandparents had seen the application in his school bag, knowing he would not take the initiative, they signed him up. Soon enough he was working at Cre8 during his free periods. Like his father, he was not very good with people and wouldn’t reveal his love for the finer arts for anything. His distaste no matter how forced, showed. He never quit though. The job provided him with a small income that he saved up.

   After graduation, he used his meager savings to leave Bohemia, finding residence in New York. He got a part time job at a retail store and painted in the privacy of his own shabby apartment. The inspiration of the brick wall out of his window though did little to spark anything worthwhile on the canvas. A long search finally yielded a secluded park not far from his home and from then on he took to painting outdoors again.      

   Nothing stays secluded forever and soon enough he was not the only one to treasure the park for its privacy. It started out as subtle far off music, but as the weeks passed the musician became closer and closer. At first the music help Mark escape into his work, but then he just became irritated as it became louder. The young flute player was scared off successfully after Mark confrontated her. Resuming his daily schedule in peace and quiet was more lack luster than he expected. Past his hasty irritation, the music had become something he looked forward to. There was nothing he could do though.

   Lucky for him a month later the music sang through the trees again. Without hesitation, Mark took off, leaving his supplies behind, to find the flutist and apologize. Not long after that, the two fell into an odd friendship that pushed more towards the kind of relationship that happens between an artist and their muse. This easily gave way to courtship and three years later they were married. Just a half of a year later, Mark’s grandparents died one after another, leaving their small laundromat and laundry service to him in the hopes of bringing him back to his roots and his art. Moving back home hasn't been all great though, Bridget's life and hobbies still pull her to New York more than not and the strain that has put on the duo is hard to hide.
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