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Mandy Dillber - (nynaeveakara) - One woman show, no strings attached - [Supchar] Empty Mandy Dillber - (nynaeveakara) - One woman show, no strings attached - [Supchar]

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[Avatar name:]

[Character name:]
   Mandy Dillber

[Character age:]

[Character race:]


[Character's high concept:]

   One woman show, no strings attached.  

[Character's trouble(s):]
(1 - SupChars, 1-3 - Extended)
   Serious situations are not her forte. She would rather crack a joke or two to liven things up. Mandy avoids anything serious or less than fun like the plague. In the same sense she also avoids serious relationships, instead choosing to flutter between friends and love interests.  

[Character aspects:]
(3 - SupChars, 5+ - Extended)

"Rare Talent"  her voice has a large natural range that allows her to sing as a contralto, alto or a soprano. She has a loud, full-volume voice that insists that watchers listened and pay attention. Depending on the song, her voice can sound babyish and demanding, or it can sound grand and imperial.

"Driven by Enthusiasm" She is very energetic, prefers action rather than planning. Everyone know actions speak louder then words. This makes her unlikely to turn down a challenge or a bet, which sometimes gets her into trouble. She takes life head on and at a quick pace.

"Attention, Attention" If Mandy can be surrounded by a crowd and at the center of its attention, she is at her happiest. The downside to this is that when she is by herself or even just one on one, she tends to seek the larger attention out, instead of taking time to make real connections with people. Forcing herself to lead a rather lonely life at times when she slows down.

[Character's aspirations:]
(1 <chapter centric>- SupChars, 1-3 Extended)

1. Putting together and performing a one woman, full blown, show at one of Bohemia's largest festivals, Virtuosity.

[Character hook:]

   Mandy was born and raised in Bohemia, her family lives two doors down from her in town. She went to college in New York, NY but as soon as she graduated she returned to Bohemia. Her return doesn't only come from her love of the town, but the fact that her parents agreed to pay her rent if she came back home.

[Character's dynamics:]

[Character's skills & specifications:]

[Character's stress & consequence thresholds:]

    With a background in performance she tends to have a high mental stress threshold. This helps her to have an almost scary amount of determination and drive in the face of obstacles and facing of crowds. Her physical stress tends to land more midway. She can take a decent amount physical stress before she is fatigued, after longer performances she can easily be reduced to a sweaty panting mess.

[Character's background:]

   Growing up in Bohemia, Mandy was immersed in numerous art studies as a child. She dabbled in many different mediums to express herself through both performance and art itself. With a growing love for the art of performing in and of itself, she would drag her parents to every single festival that the town held her favorite of which was Virtuosity. Her main objective was to see anyone and everyone that was going to be doing something live, whether it was a musician, speed painting, or dancers. The festivals are also were she gained an obsessive love for all things handmade.

   Living in a town like Bohemia gave her parents and eventually her, many opportunities to buy strictly handmade things. Mandy did however, learn to make some things on her own and over the years she actually got pretty thrifty with a needle and thread. Her self made clothing and her style in general are made to grab attentions, sometimes they garner notice by their provocative nature, sometimes by their bright colors.

   She was at first reluctant to go away to college and leave the home she had grown to love. After her parents suggested that she take in the artistic scene of New York, NY and go to school nearby though she jumped on that bandwagon quickly. As just an average college student she paid more mind to the events around New York and her campus than she did her normal studies. She did well in school though and graduated in no time.

   Returning to Bohemia she was quickly integrated back into the town, her parents offered to put her up in an apartment just two doors down from them. Allowing her to freelance and perform without the worries of paying bills. Her college was also funded by her family, so she is free of care in the debt department. All of this extra attention from her parents has kept in a sort of irresponsible mind set, allowing her to skirt around life's more serious sides.
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