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Rebecca Blake - (lilah.evermore) - Starting a new life beneath the veil of the masquerade. Empty Rebecca Blake - (lilah.evermore) - Starting a new life beneath the veil of the masquerade.

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[Avatar name:]


[Character name:]
   Rebecca Blake

[Character age:]

[Character race:]

   Half Blood Water Witch - Specialty: Healing

[Character's high concept:]

   Starting a new life beneath the veil of the masquerade.

[Character's trouble(s):]
(1 - SupChars, 1-3 - Extended)

   Rebecca is troubled by the expectations & Stigma of the Blake family dynasty. She is learning to stand without the anchor of her roots, contacts and trust funds. She is a bit too quick to jump into new roles and friendships and desperately wants to be seen by the sum of her parts & not her lineage.

[Character aspects:]
(3 - SupChars, 5+ - Extended)

"Healer" Rebecca is at her most focused state in this role. She has always had an affinity for taking care of others, diagnosing possible problems and suggesting treatment. This more than anything is the key to her own personal self worth.

"Archaic References" If you don't understand the joke she's trying to make, don't recollect the person, place or theme of the analogy she's trying to connect, didn't see the really obscure 90's television show she's referencing...well your not alone. No one does...

"Terrible Singer" It might not be good but you can be assured she's going to give it her all and she will never apologize. Every girl should have the right to scream into her hairbrush or drink four beers and do karaoke. Deal with it.

"Loyal Lap Kitten" Rebecca keeps a pretty tight grip upon her heart but when she gives it to someone else its love is endless and to a fault. There is nothing she wouldn't give, do or sacrifice for the one who has won its favor. She is submissive in her love but dominate in her passion.

"Watch Out For That......" If its bumpy, slippery, steep or hell even perfectly flat odds are Rebecca's going to fall over it. She will clammer to her feet, wipe the hair out of her face and be a good sport about it but sadly this happens far too often. Plus side? What better way to practice all those bandaging and casting skills than on herself.

[Character's aspirations:]
(1 <chapter centric>- SupChars, 1-3 Extended)
   Rebecca aspires to stand on her own two feet for the first time in her life without the help or support of her family. She would love to take her knowledge and passion for the veterinary field and one day turn it into her own private practice. Lastly and most importantly she would like to find love, true love, the kind that swallows you whole, leaves claw marks on your back and makes you a better person in the end.

[Character hook:]

   Rebecca's hook into Bohemia is her blossoming relationship with the dynamic Eve Whitefeather, Hafa's resident Beta, pack trouble maker and all around badass. Perhaps for her first relationship with a girl she should have picked someone a little more subtle.....

[Character's dynamics:]

[Character's skills & specifications:]

[Character's stress & consequence thresholds:]

   Rebecca has a high level of athletic endurance and can withstand physical fatigue for long periods of time due to rigorous training as an endurance athlete. She has a high threshold for physical pain and plenty of built up scare tissue from a very clumsy life. Her weakness however is sickness as she is the worst person to ever take care of during cold and flu season proving once and for all that doctors do indeed make the worst patients.

[Character's background:]

   Rebecca Marie Blake was born at New York's Presbyterian hospital on February 17, 1997 to famed parents Richard and Emily Blake of the Blake Pharmaceuticals dynasty. From an early age her life was very different than most of her peers. Days were spent learning with tutors, riding horses, training for piano recitals and learning how to make the perfect martini. In the early days Rebecca thrived with this enriched regiment of learning and the opportunities that were provided to her but once puberty began all bets were off.

   At the age of 13 Rebecca began choosing her own friends, skipping parties and many of the other engagements of a park avenue socialite and marching to the beat of her own drum. Consequences came in the form of grounding and being cut off from assets until she finally gave in and returned to being the prized daughter they were vetting. It wouldn't be long until young men of other fortune 500 families were being brought in to court the young teen and for awhile things became stable again.

   On August 2nd 2011 her entire life would change and put her upon a new path. Reforms and sanctions hit the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics world hard that year. Undercover operations had finally concluded and the Blake organization was cited as being one of the worst offenders in animal cruelty in the modern business world. As it would turn out Rebecca knew very little about what was occurring in her father's labs. Had no idea about their practice of heavy animal testing and ties to military contracts. Despite heavy fines and indictments the Blake organization continued their illegal testing methods despite the rulings of the grand jury and upon learning this Rebecca's relationship with her parents became forever fractured.

   Up until this point Rebecca had every intention of going premed upon the completion of her high school equivalency but suddenly she was setting her sights upon a new endeavor altogether. Maybe it was out of guilt or perhaps a slight against her parents but Rebecca changed her focus to the world of veterinary medicine. Scholarships to illustrious Ivy league colleges were ignored, friendships with the elitist upper class were dissolved and all those prearranged dates with older well to do men were abandoned. A short time later Rebecca was starting her first semester at Long Island tech and running on the school's track team in her spare time.

   Within the course of the next two years Rebecca had maneuvered herself into the top of her class, had started an early internship rotation at a Westchester animal hospital and had even manged to pull off a few medals for relay and cross country. She was on track and exactly where she wanted to be. Things with her family were more strained than ever but she was accomplishing her goals and becoming a 'Blake' she could be proud of. She could atone for her families sins one sick labradoodle at a time. She could learn to stand on her own two feet and evolve away from class dynamics and nepotism. Thats what she thought atleast until one rainy night brought a wolf to her door.
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