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Post by Zash on Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:44 pm

New Players always start in Bohemia as a supplemental character (SupChar). This is a great tool for a closed group like ours to have in place to provide a quick inlet to getting started and diving in to rp right away as well as a built in "get to know me" period for the new player, existing players, and the setting at large. We are a pretty tight knit community and we do things a bit differently than other rp environments so it could take a bit of time to adjust and wiggling into different parts of the story to decide where one fits. That's fine. Players are welcome to play multiple SupChars. We recommend starting with one - but after a minimum of 5 scenes players can chose from several options.

They can stick with their SupChar they started with and continue to play them to the Chapter goals they started with or some NPCs can be expanded into Extended Characters with greater personal story potential.

Players can choose to take on multiple SupChars at a time or switch to a different one for as long as it interests them.

It's also possible to fill casting roles put out by characters in bohemia.

Many players will chose to make their own extended character once they've met the minimum scene requirements for new players in SupChar roles. If there is something that you want to do let Zash or Bri know and they'll help you make sure that your idea is informed and get you on the path to playing something you enjoy

Zash wrote:When I think of some of my favorite stories, especially episodic or ongoing ones, it's usually the side characters that bring them to life and make them really stand out. One of my favorite TV shows was Buffy, and while I didn't give a crap about Buffy (the namesake of the show), I really got invested in her life through a love for her friends and the people close to her. It wasn't "Xander; The Slayer's goofy, sort of clumsy scooby pal. Tuesdays @ 7 on FX" - But that's what made the show speak to me. What I'm getting at here is - Never underestimate the importance of "supplemental" character roles and what they can mean to the story.

What makes a SupChar?

They can return to NPC if a player switches to another character or is absent

Their main objectives and focuses are directly related to chapter and town-centric objectives

Note: Registering a SupChar is essentially placing an available character on reserve. If a player is absent and the character is needed for a scene, it might be necessary to sub out another player to type for that character, or have a narrator use them. When the player returns, that character is theirs to play. If a player is gone without notice for an extended period (10 days) the character will go back into the pool of available characters.

If you just want to get started playing there will be a number of pre-made available characters that are ready to go that you can reserve and just jump right into after you get an invite to the rp group. This is best for people just starting out that want to get involved since many of these available characters are supplemental roles and are ready to “plug and play” to make things easy.

Take a peek at the existing characters page and the available characters to see some of the SupChars that are ready to play. Another major benefit of doing things this way for new members is that it gives players a chance to "try out" the setting before they go through the trouble of creating a character. New members can familiarize themselves with the active story, its characters, and the players so they can get an idea of the areas of the rp that speak to them before they start adding new characters to the stage

It sucks to create a character in a unique world and basically just scrap them if you don't dig the rp or the players or the world...or discover you wish you'd made a different character all together to play in the part of the story that interests you (and start over)... or have to endure the confusion when you retcon a bunch of things once you get the lay of the land and learn things that make for a smoother, more interesting personal story. Starting new members to the troupe this way adds a "trial period" to both sides of the equation and lend to helping us create a strong, bonded community of storytellers.

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