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Post by Brianna Silverweb on Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:05 pm

Please copy the application and paste it, in world, into a notecard, titled "[Name] - Character sheet". When typing up your answers, please keep in mind that this sheet is what will be on display for the player base to look at in the approved characters section of the forum. If you don't know what to put for one of the questions below, please refer back to the Creating your Boho Character thread.

[Avatar name:]

[Character name:]

[Character age:]

[Character race:]

[Character's high concept:]

[Character's trouble(s):]
(1 - SupChars, 1-3 - Extended)

[Character aspects:]
(3 - SupChars, 5+ - Extended)

[Character's aspirations:]
(1 <chapter centric>- SupChars, 1-3 Extended)

[Character hook:]

[Character's dynamics:]

[Character's skills & specifications:]

[Character's stress & consequence thresholds:]

[Character's background:]

When completed, please drag and drop this notecard into your application notecard before submitting.

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