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Important roles - structure Empty Important roles - structure

Post by Brianna Silverweb on Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:17 pm

Seated positions within the coven

High Priest/Priestess- Brianna Silverweb (brinlee.resident)
IC Duties: Head of the Lunas coven. Coordinator of ritual leadership, counseling, teaching, and administration duties. These duties are often times delegated out to others.
OOC Duties:

High Volur-
IC Duties: The high priestess' right hand and assistant, and trained to be able to fill in in her absence. Their focus is to oversee the more ritualistic aspects of the coven. They are tasked with coordinating ritual leadership, passing out information, and letting people know when and where to meet and what to bring, etc.
OOC Duties:

IC Duties: The high priestess' left hand, with focuses on coordinating the more logistical or administrative aspects of the coven. S/he coordinates administration, collects dues, guides coven projects and activities. They do not necessarily always do the jobs themselves, but they are responsible for seeing that they are delegated fairly and done effectively.
OOC Duties:

IC Duties: Understudy to the Mother. Keeps "minutes" of the business meetings (taking notes on what has been discussed and what matters have been attended to), handles correspondence under the direction of coven leaders. Collects dues, keeps accounts, makes purchases, coordinates fund-raising projects.
OOC Duties:

IC Duties: Understudy to the High Volur. Collects songs and chants, leads the coven in them, provides musical accompaniment; collects ballads and legends, preserves the old lore and coven history in original songs. Keeps the coven Book of Shadows or "Witch Book" up-to-date, keeps files of coven projects and activities, rituals.
OOC Duties:

IC Duties: Assists in initiation rituals; in charge of safety & security at meetings and rituals. Indoors: checks locks and closes curtains; outdoors: finds safe places for rituals and posts sentries to warn off strangers approaching. Sets wards and arranges other magical protection. Knows laws regarding freedom of religion and assembly, trespass ordinances etc.
OOC Duties:

Seated positions alongside the coven

Gothi- Shayde Katla (lillieann.skyther)
IC Duties: Chief counselor and mentor to the high priestess. A large share of teaching and individual counseling falls into their realm of responsibilities. They may perform divination on questions of concern to the coven. They hold immense skill and experience under their belts in a variety of subjects. The Gothi is seated, yet the position sits outside the linear ranks of the coven. The seat, at times, gives license for the Gothi to "pull rank" on the priestess.  
OOC Duties:

Non-seated positions within the coven


Any individual who has achieved great competency in a magical skill may earn this title. They serve as a resource for the coven, and teach others. An initiate may choose to apprentice with any Mistress or Master.  

Full members of the coven. Able to participate fully in anything the coven does.

Someone that has spent the necessary time studying with the coven can become an initiate. They are not yet a full member, but some initiates may be able to participate in rituals.

This is a person that has dedicated themselves to studying under the coven's watch.

This is a person looking into becoming apart of the coven.
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