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Post by Brianna Silverweb on Sat Jul 04, 2015 6:56 am

   The origin of the Tribunal dates back to just a few years before the Magiska war ended. It did not gain its official name and seats though, until after the war was won. The tribes joined together and a leader from each of the head families was selected to sit in the seats. These seats would pay homage to the bond they had created in the unifying rituals, the gods, and continue their strength as a whole.

   Two of the many roles The Tribunal took on was to be the protectors of magic and the veil. Many of the world’s populace sat blind to not only the war but to the world of magic as a whole, considering it mythical. The Tribunal were entrusted to keep this such. This not only made them leaders to their own kind, but to all of creatures, beasts, and supernatural hiding behind the veil of their masquerades.  

   With the Tribunal presiding over the whole of anything magical or mystical, a kingdom make up swiftly fell into place. At the head sat the Ulfrnson family, followed by noble seats given to the families of the leaders in the Tribunal. Families within the tribes sat as liege houses to their royal family. Those close to but not quite in the main families or related in ways were given minor nobility. Races and species that were not close to the families at all sat on the outskirts of the nobility resembling commoners, followers, or for some they acted more like visiting nobility.

   The royal families were given artifacts just after the war, these relics made up a key of sorts for the power source in the land. The artifacts were not the only things able to access or tap into the magic though. When brought together in Bohemia, the artifacts tapped into the magic and made it stronger. Without these artifacts around, Bohemia still held a substantial pool of raw magic within. For this reason, The Tribunal families or their lieges had members of the family stationed in Bohemia year round.

   The Grand Coven was created shortly after the Tribunal. There was not a need, like there was for the Tribunal formation, however, the families knew that working magic together would create far more powerful spells, using their gifts and the presence of the artifacts.

   Starting in the year 900, the families began using Grand Coven meetings as a way to have collaborative celebrations in Bohemia. Throughout the years, these celebrations continued to get bigger and bigger. Very few times did these get togethers really falter. These few times came out of larger problems between family and most notably happened after the 1900’s. The families in quarrels often times did not make the trip back to Bohemia for celebrations nor for rituals, leaving the magic stilted.

   Even when these problems happened the families never really stayed away for long, however, in 1999, this changed. An attack on one of the Tribunal families forced the heir and her siblings into hiding. The family was so outraged at the lack of protection from the Silverwebs that they no longer made the trip to Bohemia. This created another weaker period for the magic flowing through the land.
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