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Post by Brianna Silverweb on Sat Jul 04, 2015 1:42 am

No matter the characters race or species, everyone is able to know any amount of the information below.

   The town was founded in 1255, by Dorian Silverweb, whose family, to this day, still owns most of the islands the town and wilderness preserve sit on. Even through the wars, Bohemia remained largely impartial and peaceful, at least within their own borders. Bohemia and the surrounding islands are a wildlife and nature preserve called The Fauna Forest. Because of this, a big focus is put on keeping the woodlands clean. This branches out and has turned into an overall community focus on keeping the town clean and recycling. The climate of the islands is an enigma of modern sciences. The temperate weather year round only changes every 150 years. It never changes to a very harsh or snowy season like its surrounding climates which helps the protected woodlands flourish.

   Lloyd Milton is the town mayor and figure head. He is known for his kind heart and good nature. He is also commonly seen as gullible by those willing to prank him. Most in town know though, that the Silverwebs pretty much run it alongside him. The Silverweb family may be known worldwide, but those living in Bohemia feel a stronger connection to them most times. When any of the Silverwebs make the news everyone knows it. Dariah Silverweb, wasn't really known around town because she moved away, but when her death made the news the town grew somber with the well known family. On the flip side, when Zashyn Silverweb, the highly attractive and sought after bachelor, made news about being married, the news flew through the town and his bride became the elusive unicorn that no one caught a glimpse of.

   One of the things, other than the temperate climate, that creates a big pull towards Bohemia for most is that countless numbers of recognizable artists, authors, musicians, and designers that used to or still call it home. People come from all over to try and bask in whatever mojo is turning out the greats of the world. Unlike most places, the creative day dreamer types severely out number those of banal mindset, making the banal feel more like the misfits. Bohemia is one of the most diverse places found in the world. Boasting cultures from all over, both in tourists and in those that live there permanently.  Even with this rich diversity, the town remains surprisingly secular.

   The small town community feel holds up though even with a surprising amount of tourist traffic. Though it does not hold the same doomed feeling many similarly sized towns do for most. With the community being so artistically driven, many children move away for college and end up coming back home after. Being a born and raised townie here isn't a bad thing, it is rather common. There is a pride for the family and it's lineage among the Bohemians. Families typically have numerous generations living within the town.

   With the community driven atmosphere, the economical gap is barely noticeable. Most families are well off or in public or private programs to reach this standing. There are those few that are stubbornly lower class, because of bad choices in life. Within town there are also some very wealthy families, one of which is the well known Silverweb family. The Silverwebs also help by giving to the community and helping get those that need it to their feet.

   Education is a big deal in Bohemia. SPA, Skola Public Academy, houses the town's primary, secondary, and charter school programs. All the programs share an emphasis on the arts and music, as well as, hands on learning practices. Many classes take students out of the classrooms and into the community. For example, the Loco*Motion holds PE classes for various ages and CRE8 holds outdoor art classes. At the higher levels students are given more college prep and in some cases even some independent study towards future careers working out with the local business and community members.

   Bohemia doesn't offer any large medical facilities. It does however, offer a mid-sized clinic that houses a handful of privatized doctors of various disciplines. More than not the people look at taking a more holistic look at health care. The doctors that do practice in the clinic use house calls as a type of visit, many actually prefer the house calls. More than not, people will look to a herbal medicine and yoga in the park on Saturday morning before they go to a western doctor.

   These standards of community and living make it exceedingly hard to move to Bohemia, unless the person has previously lived there. If someone is lucky enough to be considered as a resident, they will have to go through extensive questionnaires and tests. Once all is said and done, those rare few selected to move in will be placed in similar programs to the aforementioned to get them working and into housing. Even though it's tricky to get residence here without connections, the visitor numbers run rampant.

   Small, privately owned business is a huge deal in Bohemia. There are a lot of small business owners, artisans, artists, and public servants. It is known as being a place of powerful beginnings. These businesses thrive on the modernized main trade of tourism. Even in the slower tourist seasons, the head count of those visiting is in the thousands. The population comparison of Tourists to residents is about 10:1, in a small town boasting about a 7,000 population.

   Bohemia almost always has some sort of festival or community run event happening. They range from large art festivals to smaller concerts in the park. Sometimes the proceeds from these events are given straight to charities, sometimes to up and coming artists. One of their largest festivals is called Virtuosity and people come from all over the world to get involved. Partaking, creating, and learning during this week long event. Celebrating inspiration and creativity in all it's forms.

   Bohemia being a hugely popular tourist spot. Most press they get is positive. Artists, musician, etc. from the area making it big and the like. However there was a time in the recent past that the town had national attention and not in a good way. In 1959, three of the Silverweb men were found murdered over a small amount of time. There was never enough evidence to point the finger at the brother left standing, Edwin Silverweb, but there were whispers. Even without the whispers though, these deaths had everyone looking at Bohemia in a less than positive light.

   For the most part though, Bohemia is a sleepy town when it comes to crime. The most common criminal acts are theft of various levels and the occasional drunken bar brawl.  One of the exception to this would be that recreational substance abuse runs rampant through the islands. It is not really reported though, unless those under the influence then commit another crime. Those looking for drugs would mainly find cocaine, pot, ecstasy, and mushrooms.

   The legends heard around the town sound very much like tall tales. Even if someone were to say they saw something that could put these tales to fact, most just take it as over imagination. There are stories of witches and wolves mainly told to keep children out of the east woods and off the Silverwebs property. The Silverwebs though are known for raising and breeding wolves, so the wolf based stories are taken a tad more serious, until shapeshifting is adding in. One of the bigger legends is about the mountain at the edge of the Fauna Forest. The only way up is through empty land tagged the east woods that no one quite knows who owns, some even hazard to say it isn't entirely empty. Some tell tales of the mountain being a dumping spot for bodies back in the early wars. Others say that the mountain hides the curative fountain or stream beneath it. Those brave enough to actually venture into the Witch's woods can never make it fully up onto the moment without feeling spooked and running.
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