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Post by Brianna Silverweb on Sat Jul 04, 2015 1:32 am

Founded in 1255, by Dorian Silverweb, the small town flourished into what today is one of the most sought after vacation, tourist spots in the world. Bohemia is known for its nearly year round festivals and events. The year round temperate islands boast lush woodlands untouched and today protected as an expansive wildlife preserve. The most influential and popular artists of our time seem to have some connection to this alluring town. The mysterious climate paired with an excellent educational system one could only dream about and innovative looks at health care, it is no wonder the small town is highly sought after by many to live.

   High standards of living and community though make this slice of heaven nearly impossible to move to permanently without connections. With crime exceedingly low in the area and imaginations abound, some of Bohemia's legends seem like some of the tallest tales today. Talk of wolves, witches, fairies, giants, and many more are all part of the growing draw to the town which has become a beacon of creativity. Stick all this into on big mixing pot and you are sure to create the town's mayor, Lloyd Milton. His kindhearted nature and cares about the little things lift this small town above many towns its size.
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