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Post by Zash on Fri Jul 03, 2015 9:42 pm

Supplemental Characters
Players that are new to the Bohemian Storyteller Group must start as Supplemental Characters. This is a role cast from an NPC (non-player character) that could resume NPC status if a player wanted to try playing a different kind of character or submit a more involved long term role such as an Extended Character. These can be temporary characters or ongoing roles. Their primary aspirations and objectives are tied specifically to the greater group story arcs.

Note: Most Supplemental Characters could have the potential to become Extended Characters. I.e. if a player starts as a "Supchar" that they really enjoy and want to expand on beyond the specific story goals they were designed for with the Director, or if a player brings in a Supchar that they design that fills one of the casting goals, the player can discuss with the director extending the supplemental character for a more permanent spot.

These are known as non-player characters and are assumed characters that belong to the story rather than an individual player. They serve a purpose to fill out or contribute to the greater story. Bohemia is a thriving little town with many citizens. NPCs are the "extras" that help bring the story to life. Many recurring NPCs that are fixtures in the story may be played as supplemental characters and can be found listed in the Available Characters section. Many others can be played by anyone that needs them in their scenes, or made up on the fly.

Non-playable NPCs
Much the way they sound, these are characters that not available to be picked up and played as supplemental characters, or require approval to control. These are usually archetypal characters or roles that have very specific objectives or purpose in the story. An example of an NPC that would not be available to be played or used by just anyone is Lloyd Milton, the Mayor of Bohemia or Rohan Silverweb, Zash's father in his personal story as well as the acting king in the tribunal.

Extended Characters
These are characters that we'd think of as "player characters". Original characters submitted for long term development within the story that participate in the greater story arcs as well as personal development.

Villains are their own breed of character. Most free-form player characters are the protagonist of their own story, this is much the same for Villains, but in their own minds. These are supplemental character types that have a prescribed driving force, objective, and root, but are decidedly paired with the chapter story in a way that brings about strong rising action and climactic scenes.

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