1. Types of Scenes

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1. Types of Scenes Empty 1. Types of Scenes

Post by Zash on Wed Jul 01, 2015 4:53 pm

The Bohemia Saga is a combination of freeform collaborative storytelling and guided campaign driven, or "Chapter", storylines. We achieve this through a few different types of scenes.

Exposition Scenes
These are standard, freeform scenes that expand character and plot development scenes. They can be played without a narrator needed [though, a narrator's attendance can be requested at any time to assist with scene moderation or fate assessment]. These scenes can (and should) be saved and turned in at the landing area as tools for narration to use in awarding Fate and enriching chapter plot. These are scenes that don't have to have anything to do with the larger Chapters (though they can). Sometimes things that happen in Exposition can spark or influence Chapter plot lines.

Chapter Scenes
These are scenes that are guided for the development of the Chapter (or greater campaign story) arcs. Chapter Scenes involve the Director or are Narrator lead or influenced. These come in two types:

  • "Rising Chapter Scenes", which are narrator assisted scenes that fuel the development of the Chapter(s). Either with a narrator present or clues and guidance given to the players to use to assist the flow of the scene.

  • "Climactic Chapter Scenes", which are usually Director lead scenes that include big reveals, battles, and/or conclusions to the story arches built in the Exposition and Rising scenes.

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