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Suplemental character - Bohemia survey Empty Suplemental character - Bohemia survey

Post by Brianna Silverweb on Sat Jun 27, 2015 4:22 am

The below application will help us find and place you, the applicant, into a supplemental character position. Please copy the application and paste it, in world, into a notecard titled "[Name] - Supchar - Boho Survey". Once finished with it, drop it in the appropriate box in the landing zone and someone will get back to you shortly. Thank you.


[SL name:]

[Timezone (SLT + X hours):]

[Are you aware that this is a closed RP group with campaign style story development mixed with freeform exposition storytelling?]

[What about this style of roleplay environment appeals to you the most?]

[What would you like to bring to the table?]

[Do you have existing experience with this sort of encapsulated rp community?]

[Give a name and quick description of past characters you fell in love with as you played them.]

[Would you be interested in playing more than one character at a time? In succession (one after the other)?]

[Does playing a well known, well used NPC interest you?]

[Would you accept taking on a already made character to bring him/her to life?]

[Would playing a smaller, integral role interest you?]

[All new players must start with at least a few session in a supplimental character role before bringing in an extended character into play. Is there an NPC or available character listed on the website that interests you?]

[If you graduate to transition to an extended character, is there a character you already have in mind that you wish to bring to our story or would you like to make one from scratch? (Extending some available characters or NPCs could also be an option)]

[Are there any races you generally play? Are there any you stray from playing?]

[Do you wish to be human or supernatural in some way?]

[If supernatural, please provide an example of a post or posts of a supernatural character using their abilities.]

[Do you have a preference of a short lived role or would you be more interested in an ongoing character? (Episodic, chapter, or reoccurring keynote)]

[Does a disposable or killable character interest you?]

[Are you better at playing leadership type roles ICly or are you fonder of playing followers?]

[Do you wish to be a part of an already existing family?]

[Do you wish to play an ally to the Tribunal or an enemy? (this includes being ally or enemy of one or more of the families within the standing Tribunal.)]

[When you normally create characters, on a scale of one to ten, one being halo wearing goody good and ten being manipulative, maniacal asshole. Where do your characters normally sit?]

[Do you have interest in prospecting for the Hafa wolf pack or playing an extended character connected to the tribunal families after your scenes as a SupChar?]

[How often can we count on seeing you around sim? How often do you want to play in the Bohemia Saga and what times are you usually available? What other commitments do you have on your plate?]

[Have you read the story lore? Do you need help understanding anything related to lore/background, game play, or the rules?]

[Do you agree to the rules and game play of the Bohemia Saga?]

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