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History of Bohemia, New York Empty History of Bohemia, New York

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Full History

  The races consumed by darkness, led by the dark elves, felt it unfair for the gods to entrust such a high thing like the very seeds of magic into the hands of mankind. These feelings led to what is commonly referred to as the Magiska war. The dark elves traveled from realm to realm collecting supporters as quietly as they could starting in the early 7th century. Their movements caught the attention of the gods though, it wasn't hard for them to piece together what was to come.

  Freyja, being one of the ones that decided to gift the seeds of magic to mankind, used these gifts to seek out those that embodied each element of magic, earth, fire, water, air, and spirit. She sent prophetic dreams and visions to each group, showing them what was to come for them, instructing them to protect what flowed through them like a life blood. These groups were not the only ones called to this looming fight. A tribe in Sweden who had long been blessed by Odin, were called to help these unlikely allies win, while at the same time protecting them and governing over those chosen.

  One of the biggest pools of magical energy sat locked beneath a cluster of islands, that are today known as Bohemia, New York. This would be where the dark elves, giants, and other races corrupted by darkness would finally make their strike in 770 AD, causing the magical energies world wide to suffer. The groups chosen for the fight began having trouble with things that had once been so natural to them running haywire. The faulty magic caused more than a few problems for the traveling tribes. The Sweden based tribe, the Rannulfr, were the only ones that the flippant magic didn't fully hinder.

  By the time the Rannulfr tribe hit the shores of Bohemia in 775 AD, the islands were already overrun by creatures of all sorts. The search for how to get at the magic they so desperately wanted had forced them to spread themselves not only across the islands but out into the rest of the world. However, with the arrival of the Rannulfr tribe came a shock of energy. It was like the Rannulfr were the key to part of the well of power flowing through the earth. The corrupted races billowed out intent to sniff out anyone that had any sort of tie to magic; this lead them to hunt down the traveling groups, bringing the fight they had been called for directly to them.

  The onslaught of fighting in their travels didn't detour the tribes from their most important objective, which was get to the islands. The first of the groups to arrive was the Spiorad An Dúlra from Ireland. With their addition the energy flared to life even more. The corrupted races had found the key to what they so desperately wanted. More forces were set out to help hunt to rest of the tribes. Even lacking steady magic, the (Fire) tribe was able to power through each wave of opposing forces. They ended up more than not using the faulty magic, which ended up turning on them. Their numbers dwindled slowly because of it. By the time they hit the shore, sending yet another pulse of energy out as the tap of power turned up, they lacked about 1/3 of the people they had set off with, yet they remained still substantially sized.

  In 800 AD, the (Air) tribe wandered onto the islands, war torn and suffering in numbers because of it. Again the power flow in and around the islands increased. Those that remained though were some of the brightest minds of the time. Not only did they bring more warriors into the fold, but they brought scholars who helped devise fortifications and housing to protect the growing populace on the island. Shortly after them, the (Water) tribe sailed in sending another flood of power through the land. Since the fighting had met them in the water, even without magic working in their favor, they were able to keep most of their population in tact.

  The last group to show up was the (Earth) tribe in 830 AD. They had held up the longest in their homelands before traveling, partly because of sheer stubbornness. It wasn't until the war pushed them from one of their main homes in modern day Canada, that they actually started to make their way towards Bohemia. The corrupted races had turned most of their forces back to the islands and onto the (Earth). It was because of this that they were last to arrive, even though they lived closer than any of the other tribes.  
  Most of the groups did not accept the Rannulfr tribe's leadership over them right away. It wasn't until 835 AD, after they had all been bumping elbows for a few years that the first tribe took a knee and pledged fealty. The others followed in suit and within a year they stood as a united front against the darkness. Even as they stood together in a place of such power, the magic still remained fickle.

  Nothing is forever without problems though and within 20 years some of those that had pledged to accept the leadership over them, started trying to grab for the leadership. The infighting caused most of their progress in the war to uproot. Those fighting on the side of darkness saw this and took full advantage of it. They attacked and the populations in all the tribes were dying off before the groups even had a chance to react. This stretch of loss, would be the most devastating hit this war would see.
  The Rannulfr tribe was quick to step up and strangle off all of the infighting that persisted, though after the deaths, there wasn't much. Those lost were a shocking representation of how working against one another could never end well. With leaders of the tribes wishing to renew their oaths to the Rannulfr tribe, the groups took part in large unity rituals in 851 AD. As the last ritual finished the pool of magic in the islands flared to life. The spark though did not just sit in the earth, it sat in each person of the tribes, connecting and tying them to the swelling well and each other. The sparked power pool had sat largely dormant through most of the war. It wasn't until shortly after the aforementioned final ritual that it woke fully up. The six tribes had to realize their potential as a whole, they had to figure out that standing together not only made them stronger, but it helped the unruly magic stabilize as well.

  Luna Mountain rumbled like a volcano about to erupt as the magic flickered back to life. Slowly coils of power slithered out creating veins of pure magic just below the surface. A water well near the mountain took on special properties as the spring ran directly through all this newly active energy. The stone ceremonial circle crafted by the Dvergar, dwarves, shortly before the tribes begun arriving, also vibrated with power.

  With severely dwindled numbers, most of the tribes of the light could not see that their side was gaining purchase. Some in the ranks could feel the shift in the magic around them, even fewer could discern what the shift was or what had caused it. One thing was blatantly obvious though, the unpredictable magic had started becoming a bit more predictable.
  It didn't take long for the slow return of their magic to life the spirits of those remaining. The mood both in camp and in battle turn almost jovial. The dreary tunnel they had all been staring down finally had a flicker of light at the end of it. The warriors fighting became more driven and passionate once they could tell they had gained ground in the war, they eagerly fought to gain more.
  The last ten years of the war didn't just fly by. Many times the forces of the dark lashed out, taking many lives in the process. The one thing that kept the tribes of light from returning to their dreary outlook was the fact that they could taste victory. Many of the seers in the tribes had begun to foresee their soon to come victory. Finally, in 870 AD the fighting stopped and the last forces of darkness were either driven from our realm, or cursed and became something locked between the triumph of the light and the darkness that had persuaded them.
  The tribes of light fell into a lengthy celebration at the end of the war. As a gift, Freya gave each tribe the purest form of the element they represented to use and protect. Enlisting each of them in continuing to be a united front against forces wishing to procure or corrupt magic. The agreement was struck to each other and the gods that the six tribes would protect the precious gift they had been given. With this agreement, came to creation of The Tribunal. A leader from each tribe would have a seat in The Tribunal and the Rannulfr tribe would then provide a worthy king to preside over these leaders. The Tribunal has called Bohemia home since it was formed just after the year 870 at the end of the Magiska War.

   Bohemia became the main hub for the tribes. Some of the groups even stayed around the land, wishing to be close to it, while some or parts of a few of them made the journey back to their homeland.  They quickly learned that with more of the Tribunal represented in and around Bohemia, the power became more concentrated and stronger. Larger celebrations and rituals started being held in Bohemia. The land quickly took up the mantle of one of the most prominent power points on the map. This came with downfalls, for sure. One of which was that the energy in the land created a sort of beacon to the area. The beacon was more word of mouth than actual pull to the area, but either way all walks of life, varying races and creatures, started migrating to Bohemia. They all wanted a piece of the growing power to meld and customize to their whims. Though Bohemia remained the place all of the tribes congregated, they eventually moved much of their numbers back to their respective homes, leaving the sparse, but trusted few to keep watch over the land. Those that remained used various means to call their families back in emergencies.

   The Rannulfr tribe stuck around, settling in and making Bohemia their home, joined by a few other races that fought along side the tribes of light. The land was ripe for farming and rich with energy that needed protected. Come 1255, they had created a pretty substantial little starter town. The tribes had also taken time to place defenses from the outside mortal world around the islands help make sure the problems foreseen did not plague the thriving community. When the Ulfrnson's fully set these roots down, they also made a more personal switch and changed their surname to something that would blend into normal life better, thus the Silverweb name was born. Another shift that this change saw was the norse warriors of the Rannulfr tribe began learning to redirect their prowess for battle to focus on the protection of the magic and the veil.

   People not part of the six tribes started filling in around them and a lush Native American culture took over. Some of the families did trading with the groups, while others focused on their own lands. The islands remained largely in their Nordic heritage for a long time, even with outer influences abound. This was mainly because the ones that permanently stayed in the new town were those within the Rannulfr tribe. It wasn't until the 16th century that the town started to take on a more secular outward look and feel. With Christianity coming over and flooding the areas around the Bohemia islands, the Silverwebs adapted and turned to worshiping in far more secretive ways. They of course were not the only ones to need to adapt. The tribunal of families working within the town had to keep things far more secret as settlers from Europe made their way to the islands.

   With this growing world, the six families were not only set to keep the veil up and mystical creatures and legends hidden, but they themselves had to hide. It wasn't terribly difficult to hide as the country and power of it shifted through the Revolutionary war and then again through the Civil war. Both times troops sought to use the islands as a place to keep troops because of the temperate climate and the advantages being on an island presented. Each time those behind the veil resisted them, keeping their lands peaceful for the most part. Some fight did happen though, when military leaders wouldn't take no for an answer. With the power on their side, the families were able to expel much of the fighting without it really becoming a problem.

[More to come]

(Doesn't belong here)- The Tribunal was not without conflict. They had their fair share of opponents throughout the years. There were inner struggles as well, just like any other large body of people. The families bickered, distrusted, quarreled and manipulated each other. They grabbed for power not meant for them and there were disputes over money and businesses. Some centuries were far more turbulent than others depending on who sat in the Tribunal seat for each family. There were numerous times that some of families did not send the head of the family to sit in on meetings, because of conflict. Very few times did the families stay away long though, knowing full well that as a group they were at their strongest.
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