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Spirit embodiment - Family information

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Spirit embodiment - Family information Empty Spirit embodiment - Family information

Post by Brianna Silverweb on Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:09 pm

Quinn- Tormey
(Modern Surname - Royal Surname)
Spirit - point on the pentacle - House leader

- Leadership seat at the Tribunal table - Currently held by
- Grand Coven seats - Currently held by
- Heir to the bloodline -
- Leadership passed down in a hierarchy fashion.
- Descendants of The Irish.
- Home territories - Dublin, Ireland.
- Magic specialties - Spirits, Life, Balance, Dreams, Druidism, Shamanism, Summoner, Necromancy, Shadows, Invoker, Premonitions, Seer, and Siedr
- Race directly tied into the Spiorad An Dúlra tribe - Fae
- Quinn family tree - Characters without pictures are available, playable characters. (There are some exceptions to this so be sure to ask or double check if a character interests you and it has a picture.)

About the Family:
The Quinn family and their lieges are largely known for their connection to the other side and the fact that numerous successful seers come from their tribe. These are not the only things they are known for though. Many align the families with being the wise ones, the balancers, and the mediators. Common jobs they take up would be physiologists, philanthropists, counselors, scientists and medicine workers. They live simple lives, keeping mostly to themselves when it comes to the real world. For those on the outside of the veil looking in, the Spiorad An Dúlra may seem more like the stereotypical witches seen in pop culture at times.  

Family Dynamic:
[Coming Soon]

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